A workforce solution made for scale

Sidekicker is reinventing the way fast growing companies scale–giving you the workforce support you need with unmatched speed and flexibility. AWS Grow members will receive a 25% discount.

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The challenge for fast-paced, growing companies

You need to focus on growing your business, yet require flexible support with tasks like data entry or phone sales. Businesses face two core challenges with managing this:

  1. Cost & time to recruit: high admin to source, hire, onboard and manage workers
  2. High hourly worker churn: you are constantly recruiting new workers and never realising the return on investment in recruitment

When workers are required for short periods and recruiting for low skill roles is high in repetitive tasks, this is an inefficient use of resources.

Our solution + 25% discount for AWS Grow members

In partnership with SEEK, Sidekicker offers an outsourced solution for any or all aspects of your hourly workforce–sourcing, screening, onboarding and payroll–delivering the following benefits for AWS Grow customers:

Reduce speed to hire from weeks to hours

Sidekicker has a huge marketplace of pre-screened staff who are willing and available to start work immediately, and uses technology to instantly match opportunities to workers.

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Eliminate administrative burden from you & your team

Get the calibre and volume of staff required to help your business grow, but remove time consuming and low value HR activity–allowing your team to stay focussed on your core business.

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Stay flexible as you grow your business

Ensure your business stays well supported and able to meet all requirements, whilst keeping your core team lean and agile and removing the compliance burden of employing hourly workers.

Scale with speed and flexibility with our work-ready Sidekicks

We have a huge and ever-growing pool of screened business support staff, available for fixed-term, casual and on-demand hire.

  • Call centre
  • Phone sales
  • Admin assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Personal assistants
  • Promo staff
  • Data entry
  • Customer service
  • Mobility

Join leading businesses reinventing how they hire

- Simon Rossi, General Manager, UBER

Having access to quality staff for hourly roles like promotional staff and customer service reps has helped Uber grow rapidly in Australia and New Zealand. Being able to hire staff when and where we need them quickly and affordably has enabled us to keep our core team lean but well supported as we’ve scaled.

- Sara, Operations Manager, Judo Bank

Sidekicker is a very simple & straightforward platform to use. Sidekicker has and will continue to support Judo in our period of growth, where it is hard to forecast the need for resources. It allows us to quickly tap into Sidekicks with different skillsets who will to continuously learn and improve. Which makes them the perfect partner for a company like Judo. Sidekicker gives us access to a resource that would not be available through the normal channels ie experienced people looking for casual work.

- Aron Lewin, Head of Customer Service,

It was costing us $70 an hour to get people  through traditional agencies, and we weren’t sure who we’d get. In comparison, Sidekicker makes it so fast and simple to hire great people. There have been times where we’ve needed help, made a request at 8am, and had someone in the office by 11am.

We don’t have to worry about sourcing, screening, onboarding or payroll – we can just get staff in to get the job done.

- Thomas Stephens, General Manager, Doordash

If we weren’t working with Sidekicker we would need to hire somebody full time to manage everything. And they would need to be managed by somebody. Instead we can have our core team focussing completely on core business value drivers.

Sidekicker has also cut our speed to hire from 10 days to 24 hours. They’ve given us back so much time, allowed us to stay flexible yet so well supported, and been a huge contributor to our growth in Australia.

- James, Chief of Staff, EstimateOne

Sidekicker has helped us find new people quickly and effectively which allows us to flexibly scale our business. It has also become a pipeline for great long term talent.

I find it an easy to use interface that makes advertising, hiring and paying Sidekicks super easy AND the quality of talent is fantastic!

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Please contact the Sidekicker team to discuss how we can help. AWS Grow members receive a 25% discount on our standard service fee.