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Case studies:


The client

Vinomofo is Australia’s leading online wine retailer, providing wine to over 500,000 customers globally, with their distribution centre located in Port Melbourne.

With a core permanent team, Vinomofo experiences seasonal spikes in demand for which they need to double the number of Pick Packers in their warehouse.

Rob Hurn, the Warehouse Manager at Vinomofo was facing the following challenges using traditional warehouse staffing agencies to manage seasonal demands.

Rob Hurn

The challenges

Inconsistent reliability and attitude of casual labour

The staff traditional warehouse staffing agencies sent to Vinomofo were often demotivated and unable to quickly pick up instructions. This led to reduced productivity and output. There was also high rates of absenteeism which jeopardised Rob’s ability to fulfil orders on some of their busiest days of the year.

Rob would also regularly get sent different / new workers. This meant increased time training, and again led to decreased productivity.

Time consuming calls and emails with agencies to book staff

With agencies having manual processes to receive requests and requirements from businesses and then notify and confirm the right staff, filling shifts was time consuming and a major hassle.

“We used to have to email different agencies at least 24 hours before a shift to get the staff we needed. There would then be a lot of back and forth to confirm everything for the next day.”

The solution

To assist with the challenges faced with casual staffing, Vinomofo started using Sidekicker as their manual labour agency.

Strict candidate vetting process

Strict screening, ongoing performance data and smart Talent Pools drive superior staff quality Sidekicker’s screening process includes an experience and Right to Work check, an in-person interview to assess reliability, attitude and communications, and an OH&S induction. Only 15% of staff pass this process, maintaining quality standards.

Rating, review and reliability data is then captured after every shift and displayed on workers’ profiles, which holds Sidekicks accountable and allows Sidekicker to measure performance and curate their workforce in real-time.

Rob also used smart Talent Pools to easily rehire the best performing workers for ongoing shifts.

“The screening of Sidekicks must be exceptional with the consistent quality of staff that we were getting. We were able to easily use rating & review data to get the best staff for our business. They really aligned with the culture with their energy, efficiency and consistency – they were so good that they broke records on our production line.”
Instantly connecting with available staff via Sidekicker tech

Sidekicker’s technology instantly connects businesses to relevant, qualified and available staff, which means Sidekicker customers experience an average fill time of under 2 hours.

“It was an absolute breeze to get top quality staff during our peak periods. Sidekicker makes it so easy and gives us so much flexibility to get great staff whenever we need them. What used to take us days now takes a few minutes.”

The results

The results speak for themselves - Vinomofo has seen many improvements since adopting Sidekicker, including;

  • 100% fulfilment of shifts
  • Broken output records on their production line
  • 4.99/5 average Sidekick rating
  • Reduced time to fill from 24 to 2 hours
“I was shocked by how good the quality of staff were on Sidekicker. The staff were so motivated that they broke records on our production line during our peak period.”