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Case studies:


The client

Peppercorn Food Company is 100% Australian owned and operated, and the Peppercorn range has grown to now include sausages, burgers and meatballs, and is available across Australia through Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets. 

Peppercorn production facilities are located in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth, and since commencing operations in Brisbane in 2022, they've been using Sidekicker as their warehouse staffing agency for all their casual Production Workers.

The challenges

Sourcing last minute labour

Shaun Hoskins, the Production Manager at Peppercorn Food Company, said the largest challenge for Peppercorn has been sourcing additional labour at the last-minute. Given the fluctuating nature of their production, Peppercorn experiences both busy and slow days, and needs to adjust staff accordingly. This means, they've often needed extra labour onsite with quite short notice.

The solution

Access to labour 24/7

Sidekicker has enabled Peppercorn to be able to request additional staff to supplement their regular worker pool onsite easily and efficiently by having access to warehouse staff on-demand via the 24/7 platform. Peppercorn finds the platform very easy to use, independently posting last-minute labour requests. They efficiently fill their roles within a matter of minutes or hours using Sidekicker.

Seamless withdrawal replacements

Whenever a Sidekicker worker turns out unavailable for their shift, they will withdraw via the Sidekicker App. The platform will immediately start seeking a replacement for the withdrawals either from Peppercorn's previously used workers who are not currently onsite, or from the Sidekicker Marketplace. Replacement is usually found very promptly, and Peppercorn will receive an immediate notification once a replacement has been confirmed, so they'll know of who to expect onsite. This way, Peppercorn will not be left short on shift, delaying the production.

The results

Staff quality and retainment

Sidekicker has been able to provide Peppercorn with high quality Production Workers, and this is proven by the 5/5 star rating Sidekicker staff have maintained with Peppercorn. Peppercorn has established a reliable team of returning Sidekicks, working on a consistent week-to-week roster. The majority of these workers have been integral members of the Peppercorn team since the opening of the Brisbane facility over a year ago. 

Peppercorn has also successfully transitioned Sidekicker staff to Peppercorn employees.

High shift fulfilment

Maintaining their own private Talent Pool of Production Workers, and having access to the wider Sidekicker Marketplace on-demand for additional warehouse staffing requirements, Peppercorn has seen a high shift fulfilment rate of 96%.