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Case studies:


The client

Founded in August 2021, Lovehoney Group (LHG) brings together two of the sexual wellness industry’s market-leading brands, WOW Tech and Lovehoney. 

LHG is home to more than 650 highly trained professionals from over 25 nations, located in nine offices across the world with a broad spectrum of talents across engineering, industrial design, sales, and marketing.

Natasha Leeuwendal, the Head of Operations Manager AU at Lovehoney Group shared insights to the challenges casual warehouse staffing has had on their warehouse located in Eagle Farm, Brisbane.

The challenges

Sourcing staff to support peak periods

During peak trading periods, LHG hires casual pick packer staff to supplement the team in the fulfilment centre. 

The main challenge has been sourcing casual staff who possess the experience, reliability, and availability for the required duration, which can often be uncertain. 

“One of the main problems we faced was the availability of casual staff during our peak periods, as well as their reliability. We find Sidekicker gives a great balance with our inhouse casual team.”

The solution

Creating a private pool of regular workers

The Sidekicker platform has allowed LHG to select their preferred workers effortlessly due to the transparent worker profiles, and build their own private pool of experienced, reliable, casual warehouse staff who understand the work involved.

The availability of regular workers is key for LHG, and having regular workers come to site saves them time and money spent on training new workers every time. 

“One of the great benefits of the platform is the visibility of workers and the experience the Sidekickers have had in similar environments.” 
Optimising hiring efficiencies via the platform

Natasha says their Warehouse Supervisors take advantage of the different features on the Sidekicker platform, making sure they optimise their hiring efficiencies.

The request template feature is a favourite across the team, allowing requests to be easily posted within seconds.

To streamline the request process even further, LHG utilises the auto-hire feature when posting to their private pool of Sidekicks. This means they let the Sidekicker platform hire the first applicant/s directly onto the request, as they don’t mind which of their workers turn up on site. 

“The fact that we can utilise talent pools really solves the availability issue, as we can reach out to people who have worked for us before and understand the work involved.” 
Access to 24/7 labour

Using Sidekicker as their sole warehouse staffing agency, LHG have 24/7 access to a pool of pre-vetted, experienced pick packers, who are readily available. 

Any team member with access can swiftly make requests on the Sidekicker platform whenever the need arises, securing labour quickly even for same-day sick calls.

“The ability to increase and decrease numbers very easily also helps us with fluctuating demands.”

The results

Sidekicker has allowed LHG to establish its own workforce comprising skilled and dependable staff, effectively supporting their existing team during peak trading periods. 

The average star rating for Sidekicks given by LHG is 5/5 stars, with a 96% fulfilment rate.

“The Sidekicks feel like they are a part of our team. They get to know the business and staff members. They really are an extension of our team.”

Adopting Sidekicker has also saved time and money on training new staff members, and Natasha says they have even transitioned some of their casual Sidekicker staff to their own books.