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Case studies:


The client

Pact Group is Australia’s largest manufacturer of plastic packaging products, operating 50 manufacturing sites and warehouses across Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne. Multiple Pact Group sites are now using Sidekicker as their manual labour agency, and continue to have great success in hiring warehouse and manufacturing workers such as Assembly Operators and Forklift Drivers.

The challenges

Greg Beilby, Executive General Manager of Pact Group, explains the challenges they've faced with  casual labour hire are the following.

Limited visibility on labour hire costs

Having limited visibility and transparency over the spend on labour hire leads to errors in their monthly reporting.

Recruitment processes

Pact was unable to verify workers student visas, which limited their available labour pools, and worker inductions involved various different systems with paper-based and manual processes, making them really admin heavy. Fragmented WHS-processes were also causing challenges with temporary labour hire.

Speed to fill requirements

Pact found onboarding self-sourced labour to be time consuming, and therefore was unable to quickly onboard staff. Therefore, their speed to fill ad-hoc requirements was 24+ hours, which was slower than required.

The solution

In-platform staffing solution

Pact Group was impressed with Sidekicker's ability to provide quality staff and digital tools that were directly solving their key challenges with casual labour hire, and adopted the Sidekicker platform as their temporary staffing tool. Sidekicker now provides us with 250-300 daily workers across their various sites.

Taking a staged approach to implementation, Sidekicker started with two Pact sites–which had varying degrees of complexity in terms of size and worker shift patterns. After several successful implementations, Sidekicker continued to expand the footprint with Pact, due to the ability to supplement labour across several more sites.

"Working with Sidekicker has been easy–their team has ensured a seamless integration of workers at some of our most complex sites ensuring that our operations and output have not been disrupted."
Transitioning existing casuals into Sidekicks

Pact also decided to transition 40 of their existing casuals into Sidekicker staff with zero interruption to onsite operations and productivity. Sidekicker’s dedicated team spent 1 week on site ensuring all workers were set up for success.

Transitioning these workers involved conducting Right to Work- and license- checks, and validating that all workers had successfully completed the Pact induction. Workers were all set up with Sidekicker profiles and all certificates and licenses were added with expiry dates, alleviating compliance risk.

Now Pact can manage all their casuals via the Sidekicker platform.

The results

Increased visibility across performance
"Sidekicker’s digital timesheeting and payroll processes have enabled real-time reporting and through live dashboards we have gained increased visibility into the performance of labour across the entire business. This has reduced error margins and allows us to measure costs in real-time at both company and site level."
Effortless recruitment and compliance
"Sidekicker’s digital WHS systems give total transparency and security that all workers are fit, qualified and safe to work at all times, giving us peace of mind that our agency labour is compliant. Our on-site managers have been pleased with the transition and ability to use the digital platform to work on urgent rosters for the site.”