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Case studies:

Moorup Technology

The client

Moorup is an Australian technology company, whose mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping bring Connectivity to Unconnected Consumers. Moorup offer an end to end solution to buyback, renew, recycle, donate and sell hardware through various retail and wholesale channels.

Moorup warehouse in Melbourne has 15-20 Sidekicks working as Product Testers at any given day. Anthony Millar, the Operations Manager at Moorup Technology shared insights to why they use Sidekicker as their sole warehouse staffing agency.

The challenges

Staff consistency

Moorup encountered some challenges in temporary staffing prior to engaging Sidekicker, primarily around achieving consistency. These challenges included issues such as low attendance, incorrect uniform usage, late shift arrivals, and lack of sufficient skills for the roles.

Admin overhead

Before adopting Sidekicker, Moorup handled their casual warehouse staffing internally and invested significant time in activities like posting job ads, conducting candidate interviews, and overseeing contract and payroll management.

The solution

Access to high-quality, skilled candidates

Moorup appreciates being able to reach the whole Sidekicker Marketplace full of high-quality skilled workers. With visibility across their full profile including ratings and reviews from other companies as well as industry specific certificates and licences, they know what to expect from the workers when they show up onsite. Additionally, there is a consideration of the possibility to transition top-performing Sidekicker staff into full-time Moorup employees as the business expands and opportunities arise.

Easy to use platform

The most valued aspect of Sidekicker for Moorup is the ability to request on-demand labor anytime and anywhere. They appreciate the convenience of accessing a vast pool of ready-to-start workers with minimal effort. Seamlessly posting their shifts onto the platform, Moorup can easily post the entire week's schedule in one go. Moorup has also configured reporting dashboards in their Sidekicker account, ensuring transparent and convenient access to the costings associated with their casual labor.

The results

The adoption of Sidekicker by Moorup has resulted in several positive outcomes, including time savings on all recruitment administrative tasks and the ability to quickly fill shifts with skilled and dependable workers. Moorup has achieved an impressive reliability rate of 99%, with occasional instances of Sidekicks falling ill. In such cases, they can promptly secure a replacement from the Sidekicker Marketplace within seconds. Furthermore, Moorup has seen an increase in the consistency of their temporary labor, as a regular group of Sidekicks consistently returns for additional shifts.