Love InstallEx’s events & exhibitions crew?

You can now hire InstallEx’s trained, experienced and ready-to-work crew directly through Sidekicker’s simple online platform–from $33 per hour.


Qualified, productive & reliable workers

The staff you loved working with through InstallEx are now available to hire on Sidekicker. Use detailed profiles with experience, ratings and reviews to choose the best workers for your needs.

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Save time and money hiring

Our technology eliminates paperwork and lets us provide the lowest service fees in the industry. Request and hire, allocate shifts, approve hours and pay staff–all in seconds online.

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Build private Talent Pools 

Save your best workers in Talent Pools, then directly allocate shifts and re-hire them over and over. We give you all the upsides of working with trusted, reliable staff, without any of the admin.

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Real-time reporting

Gain unparalleled visibility into the performance and cost of your workforce with live, customisable and easy to use dashboards.

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Sidekicker is the smartest way to hire your event crew 

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