Helping Jayride hire high quality admin staff to scale their team

“There have been times where we’ve needed help ASAP, made a request at 8am, and had someone in the office by 11am”


Aron Lewin
Head of Customer Service, Jayride


Save $70 p/h previously spent on agencies


Year on year workforce growth


Hired hundreds of business support staff

The client is an international airport transfer comparison and booking website, helping travellers to search for, compare and pre-book private transfer and shared shuttle companies between airports, hotels, residential addresses, cruise ship terminals and tourist attractions.

Since launching in January 2012, the tech start-up has grown rapidly, expanding to work with thousands of local transfer companies at more than 500 airports worldwide and growing their team by 130% in the last year.

The Situation

In true start-up style, the team at regularly evolves and adapts their strategies, systems and operations as they grow, which necessitates a workforce structure that is built around diversity, flexibility and agility.

“It was costing us between $50-70 an hour to get the people we needed through traditional agencies, and we weren’t sure who we’d get. We started trying to find people we knew or were connected with, and it just wasn’t quick enough to keep the work from piling up,” says Aron Lewin,’s Head of Customer Service.

Sidekicker’s solution

The Customer Support team at chose Sidekicker for its speed, and ability to choose the kind of people they were looking for.

“Sidekicker makes it so fast to find great people. There have been times where we’ve needed help ASAP, made a request at 8am, and had someone in the office by 11am,” says Aron.

Working with Sidekicker for over a year, the team at has used Sidekicks for short-term data entry roles all the way to longer term customer service positions.

“Sidekicks come pre-qualified and they help us grow our business quickly without committing to the costs of hiring someone permanently”.

For, the time saved recruiting and performing other HR admin is time they can invest in developing their business.

The Results

    1. Has used Sidekicker for 2+ years to fill hundreds of shifts with quality business support staff.
    2. Kept their core team lean, quickly and easily able to fill skill gaps when and where needed.
    3. Enabled the ability to evolve systems, operations and processes whilst not wasting time or money on unnecessary staffing overheads.
    4. Fit seamlessly into’s agile startup model, with Sidekicker’s technology fuelling their rapid growth.