Festival Hall

The Company


Festival Hall has hosted countless concerts since its inception in 1915, and continues to play a central role in Melbourne’s thriving music scene today.


The iconic venue is also used for various cultural events such as religious ceremonies, product launches, and conferences.


The Situation


As an ever-changing and growing business, Festival Hall was being increasingly challenged by:


– Holding smaller and more frequent events, making it difficult to balance maintaining a large enough casual pool to staff major events, with having enough consistent work to keep all of them engaged.


– Managing all of their casual hiring, onboarding and rostering in-house, meaning management would spend countless hours on administrative tasks.



The Solution


Festival Hall has used Sidekicker since May 2016 as their go-to solution to help easily and quickly scale up their casual workforce when needed.


Sidekicker has enhanced the dynamic of our casual workforce. We’re now easily able to manage a blended workforce of casual and external staff, meaning we can maintain the ideal internal casual pool, but easily and quickly tap into an external pool of quality skilled staff whenever we need them” says Venue Manager, Jodie Miatke.


The Results


Festival Hall uses Sidekicker to:


– Hire quality Sidekicks at the click of a button to scale up for large events.


– Create a ‘go-to’ pool of Sidekicks, using Sidekicker’s Talent Pool feature to easily rehire the external staff they love working with again and again.


– Easily eliminate issues with last minute absenteeism, able to fill 90% of shifts within 1 hour on Sidekicker.


Because of the speed and ease-of-use of Sidekicker, and the fact that it’s an all-in-one self service platform, we’re able to source and hire Sidekicks all within a few minutes.” – Venue Manager, Jodie Miatke.