Eliminating the low-value admin and hassle of sourcing quality casual labour

Using Sidekicker has saved us so much time and removes so much of the hassle we’d previously had with hiring and employing our casual labour staff.


Nic Lema
Operations and Logistics Manager, CF Hire


Significant improvement in the quality of labour


hours saved for every casual hired

The client

Complete Function Hire (CF Hire) is a Melbourne-based company, providing equipment for hire to the function and event market, as well as complete event setup and pack-down services.

The challenge

Working in the events industry, CF Hire naturally has highly seasonal peaks and troughs in client volumes, and often goes from servicing several events one week, to none the next.

Due to this seasonality, CF Hire’s casual frontline workforce (labourers, drivers, etc) was causing four key challenges:


    1. They were unable to provide consistent work for their casual staff, causing high churn
    2. High churn meant they were having to constantly recruit casual staff, which was time consuming and costly
    3. They were too busy with this admin to invest the necessary time in vetting applicants, so the staff they hired were often unreliable and inconsistent
    4. They would often need extra staff quickly to meet client needs or cover absenteeism, and were unable to find people fast enough


The solution

Sidekicker provides CFHire with pre-qualified skilled staff when and where they need them, helping them easily scale up and down for events. CFHire now regularly uses Sidekicker to:


  • Eliminate the employment cost and admin of casual staff (i.e. recruitment, payroll, etc), using Sidekicker to hire all of their casual labour and events staff.
  • Hire reliable drivers and labourers that have the right experience and skills–Sidekicker has already interviewed them and accredited all of their information.
  • Cover skills gaps and absenteeism at short notice–often posting a request online and having the staff they need at the job, ready to work, all within 2 hours.

The results

    • Significantly improved the quality of their frontline labour.
    • Saved 3 hours of recruitment admin for every casual employee hired.
    • By providing a solution to cover absenteeism instantly and reducing the need for permanent staff to work overtime, CFHire has seen a significant improvement in the morale of their team.

“On Sidekicker, we can request staff at the click of a button and have them on site within a couple of hours.

The quality and reliability of the staff on Sidekicker is also so much better than when we were recruiting ourselves, as Sidekicker are the experts in screening casual labour.”


Nic Lema
Operations and Logistics Manager, CF Hire