Sidekicker staff working with The Brisbane Heat

Brisbane Heat

The Company


The Brisbane Heat compete in one of the most popular sporting competitions in Australia, the KFC Big Bash League. Off the field, the club is all about innovation, always thinking up new ways to engage and entertain their fans.


The Situation


In 2016, The Brisbane Heat’s marketing team developed a campaign that would use virtual and augmented reality technology to allow fans access to an immersive behind the scenes experience of the club.


Given the unique nature of the promotion Brisbane Heat knew they needed a high-quality activations team.


As the first port of call, Marketing  Coordinator, Taylor Deen looked to a promotions company she’d used in the past.



“Unfortunately, we found that the staff were just not the right fit for our project. There was a lack of enthusiasm from them which was creating a really poor experience for the fans”  


“I needed staff who really cared about the fans and people who would love coming back to work with us throughout the season. I knew if I could deal directly with the staff, we’d have a chance of getting the right people.”  


The Solution


The Brisbane Heat started using Sidekicker to enable them to create one-to-one relationships with their temp staff and have full control over who they hired.


“I just loved how it cut out the middleman. I could describe exactly what I wanted and find people who were not only available but completely matched my criteria.”


“I could read their statements and almost immediately tell if they had the enthusiasm and energy I needed. By looking at the reviews and ratings I could shortlist people who had done work like this before.”


“I was blown away by how self-sufficient the Sidekicks were. Once I’d set them up, I really only had to check in with them a couple of times a day. Each time I did, they were going above and beyond to make sure the fans were having a great time.”


As the season ramped up, Taylor started to need a few more Sidekicks in the team. With the Talent Pools feature she could curate a collection of her best-performing Sidekicks and advertise the extra shifts to them first.

“It was so simple. I could see exactly who I was getting and the ratings they’d received from other venues. They arrived ready to get things done and we were rapt with how they performed.”


“I’d trained enough Sidekicks that I had pretty good cover if someone wasn’t available. When I eventually exhausted my talent pool, I could just jump on the platform and post another request.” 


The Results


By the end of the season, Taylor and her Sidekick promo army had entertained thousands of fans and saved a great deal of time and money for The Brisbane Heat.


For Taylor, the best part about having Sidekicks at repeat shifts, was the time she saved in training new staff every day.


“By the end, I didn’t even have to train the new Sidekicks. I could just pair them up with a Sidekick who had done my training before the season and they would take it on themselves to get the new staffer up to speed.”


“I wasn’t having to babysit the teams at the activations every time. I was able to reclaim around 5-6 hours a week, that I could put back into preparation and making sure my teams were the best they could be.”



“We’ve saved thousands, both in the value of my time and on the cost of staffing the activations week in, week out. We’re already planning to run these experiences with Sidekicker next season.”