Steps we are taking during COVID-19

10th Aug, 2020 | Sidekicker Updates

In response to COVID-19, we are taking countless measures to ensure the health and safety of our Sidekicks and support our clients in creating COVID safe workplaces.

When things are developing hourly, and huge changes are required for both businesses and workers, our deep-seated ability to move and innovate quickly has been invaluable.

Our expert team ensures we are updating our policies and processes in line with all state government requirements as they evolve, and we are building on our technology daily to make adopting these requirements as seamless as possible for businesses and workers.

How we are helping our clients create safe workplaces

Restricting work across multiple businesses / sites

In Victoria it is prohibited for staff to work on-site across multiple businesses / sites. To enforce this, we are using our Private Sidekick feature to lock Sidekicks working on-site to a single employer and work site. Once a Sidekick becomes a ‘Private Sidekick’ for a business, they are only able to view and apply for shifts from that business.

9 - Private Sidekicks

Recent Workplaces (in BETA)

When businesses are selecting Sidekicks to hire, we provide full transparency on where applicants have worked with Sidekicker during the past 14 days (not currently live for Victorian businesses where stage 4 restrictions apply and Sidekicks are limited to a single employer).

1 - Recent workplaces

Smart Screening Questions

For Opportunities, ‘Smart’ application questions auto-reject applicants should they not meet any custom COVID related requirements businesses may have.

2 - Killer Questions

COVID Safe Plans

We are collecting COVID Safe Plans from all businesses hiring with Sidekicker. COVID Safe Plans are manually verified by our compliance team, then uploaded to business’s accounts and displayed on job descriptions for Sidekicks to view when applying for jobs.

In states where it is a requirement (i.e. Victoria) all businesses with workers on-site must have a verified COVID Safe Plan on their account to request staff on our platform and hire Sidekicks.

3 - COVID-safe plan

Remote jobs and non-approved on-site industries

When posting a request, businesses specify the location of the job, and whether it can be performed remotely or on site. All requests are reviewed by our compliance team. Any requests made for on-site workers in industries not approved for on site work do not go live on our platform.

8 - remote worker

How we are helping our Sidekicks stay safe

Covid Safe Training Course

We prompt all Sidekicks to complete a COVID Safe training course before applying to shifts. Once completed, we capture it as a certificate on a Sidekick’s profile, which is visible to businesses when hiring.

In states where it is a requirement, we block Sidekicks from viewing and applying for shifts until they have completed the course (e.g. in Western Australia, all Sidekicks must have completed a COVID Safe Training Program before applying to any hospitality shifts).

4 - Training

Pre-Shift Processes

Sidekicks must confirm when applying for a job, and again before their shift starts vis our SMS check-in systems, that:

  • They are not sick or showing symptoms
  • They have not been in contact with anyone with or suspect of having COVID
  • They have the appropriate PPE and will abide by all rules on site

5 - Pre-shift confirmation

In Victoria, Sidekicks must complete an online checklist before each shift, confirming:
  • When traveling to work, I will carry my work permit from Sidekicker with me
  • If I have COVID-19 symptoms, I will let Sidekicker know and I will not go to work
  • If I have symptoms of COVID-19, I will get tested and I will stay home until I receive my results
  • I will regularly clean equipment and shared spaces at work
  • I will not carpool to and from work
  • I will only work at one premise
  • I will let Sidekicker know if I share accommodation with someone working at a high risk workplace
  • I will read and understand the COVID Safe Plan included in the job description of my job on Sidekicker

Regular Safety Surveys

In-app notifications are used to regularly survey Sidekicks to proactively ensure they are receiving appropriate personal protective equipment, training and supervision on-site to ensure businesses are consistently complying with directives.

6 - survey

Employee COVID Safe Requirements

To ensure Sidekicks know all COVID safe requirements and their employee obligations, we link to a COVID safe fact sheet in every job description.

Business’s Covid Safe Plans are also displayed on job descriptions, which Sidekicks are required to read and understand before applying to work.

7 - fact sheet

Worker Permits (Victoria)

We have distributed and validated worker permits to all Sidekicks working on site. Worker Permits are added to Sidekick profiles. If a Sidekick without a valid worker permit on their profile is hired on a shift, they are prompted to complete one.

As inevitably shift times change and/or Sidekicks are hired last minute, we have a dedicated support team available to answer calls from authorities to confirm when Sidekicks are travelling for work.

Incident & Issue Tracking

We work closely with public health authorities on contact tracing. If a Sidekick reports that they have tested positive for COVID, are waiting on a COVID test result, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID, or if there are any health & safety issues on site:

– The incident is reported and recorded in our incident reporting system
– The Sidekick’s account is placed on hold and they are withdrawn from any upcoming shifts
– The Sidekick’s account is not reactivated until they provide evidence of a negative COVID test result
– Any positive cases of COVID in Victoria are reported to DHHS and Worksafe Victoria

If you have any questions or would like further information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.