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Case studies:

Samphire Catering

The company

Samphire Catering is one of Perth’s premiere catering companies, founded and run by noteworthy chef, Stephen Hitchings. Stephen has faced many challenges with casual labour hire in the past, and have found Sidekicker to be able to assist in making casual hiring frictionless.

The challenges

Finding labour on-demand

Given the seasonality of the events industry, Samphire Catering has an increased need for staff during the Christmas and Easter periods. Hiring frontline hospitality staff during these busy periods was challenging.

“Our core staff are great, but when weddings require ten staff and you only have four on the books it’s not worth employing more, so we’d look to use a temp agency.”
Unprepared agency staff

However, using traditional labour hire agencies, Samphire Catering found the lack of transparency led to staff arriving unprepared and unqualified for the tasks they were hired to undertake, leaving quality of service jeopardised.

The solution

Transparent and reliable platform

Samphire Catering started using Sidekicker due to the transparency of the platform, and has found the platform easy to use and reliable for finding them high quality and qualified temporary workers.

“We appreciated the transparency Sidekicker offered in hiring staff. It meant we could consistently hire the right staff for our needs, and the platform made it so easy to rehire the same workers over and over. The quality of staff on Sidekicker is so far above any agency we’d used in the past, and makes the entire process so simple and fast.”

The results

Cost savings

Through using Sidekicker, Samphire Catering has:

  • Saved $10 an hour per staff member hired, over traditional agency fees
  • Save 1 hour of payroll admin for every event due to online timesheets