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Case studies:


The company

Comestibles is one of Perth’s premier catering companies, delivering events and fine catering experiences in Perth for the past 30 years. Alicia Ryan, the Events Operations Manager at Comestibles, shed light to the challenges they were facing before adopting Sidekicker as their temporary labour hire.

The challenges

Scaling their workforce

Comestibles’ events vary from weddings and corporate occasions, to large scale events such as Polo in the City. Comestibles often requires a workforce of up to 100 staff in various hospitality and events roles however the fluctuating size of events means maintaining a consistent internal workforce is impossible.

Agency staff quality

Having used traditional labour hire agencies in the past, Comestibles had suffered from inconsistent staff quality, and being sent workers who did not align with or represent their brand well with guests.

The solution

Control over hiring decisions

After learning about Sidekicker’s extensive vetting and skills-testing process for Sidekicks and that businesses have the ability to select the staff based on experience, ratings and reviews, Alicia Ryan the Comestibles Event Operations Manager, decided to give Sidekicker a go. She saw major benefits in being able to hand pick the staff that would best represent the Comestibles brand.

“Quality is so incredibly important to our brand and services and the transparent nature of the Sidekicker platform means we have total control and choice over which temporary staff we use. We’re able to view all applicants’ profiles, reviews from previous jobs and experience before hiring”.
Single platform for all casual hiring needs

Comestibles soon rolled out Sidekicker as their one-stop solution for all extra hands required–from wait and bar staff, to chefs and kitchen hands and event check-in staff. This enabled them to have a core team that focused on business strategy and they use Sidekicker when they need to scale up their hospitality and events workforce.

The results

Easy labour hire solution

Compared to the traditional labour hire providers used before, Comestibles has appreciated Sidekicker's easy-to-use platform, which allows them to adjust their hiring needs when needed and request staff on demand whenever needed.

“Sidekicker is so easy to use – enabling us, at the click of a button, to quickly find staff for large events as well as scale up our workforce in the lead up to and during busy periods.