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March Feature Drop

In the fast-paced world of casual staffing, efficiency and quality are paramount. At Sidekicker, we are focusing on creating a better way for casual and temporary staffing through technology.

Today, we're thrilled to unveil our newest and upcoming product updates designed to make temporary staffing easier and more effective than ever before. 

Live now: Backdated duplicate requests

When it comes to casual staffing, getting the same faces back time and again is paramount. We have found that sometimes our customers find it is easier to ask a Sidekick to work the next day when they are onsite rather than posting a new request. Using our duplicate request functionality if you forgot to create a shift and your Sidekick rocks up you can simply set up the shift, assign them and set a start time in the past (as long as it’s on the same day)

Coming up: Bulk actions

Managing a dynamic workforce can be a juggling act, but with Sidekicker, you can regain control with ease. We now allow you to re-post or cancel multiple requests simultaneously, reducing the time and effort spent on rostering. 

Whether you need to fill last-minute shifts or adjust your staffing needs on the fly, you can make changes efficiently with a few clicks. 

Coming up: Recommended Sidekicks

Identifying the best talent for your needs is essential for success. We make this process easier than ever with our best matching algorithm. Our platform now highlights the highest-scoring Sidekicks for your requests, enabling you to easily identify top-performing candidates, saving time and resources during the selection process.

We hope these features set you up for success with casual staffing on the Sidekicker platform.