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The #1 way to hire temporary warehouse store persons

Sidekicker is used by over 2,000 warehousing and logistics businesses to hire temporary warehouse store persons all across Australia and New Zealand. Simplify your staffing.

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Filling rostering gaps, dealing with seasonal peaks or solving perm recruitment has never been this easy

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1. Make a request

Make a Request from your dashboard and tell us what you need. Whether it be 1 Sidekick or 100.

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2. Hire a Sidekick

Our system then gets to work finding you the best available Sidekicks. View their profiles and hit hire.

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3. Pay & Rate

Once your request has been completed, approve their timesheet, provide a rating & we handle the rest.

How it works

Why 2,000+ warehousing and logistics businesses choose Sidekicker to hire temporary warehouse store persons

Fill in minutes not days 

Sidekicker makes filling your temporary staffing gaps super fast. Our on-demand pool of qualified warehouse store persons are ready to go at the click of a button. 

Save 30% on warehousing agency fees 

Our investment in technology allows us to pass on cost savings to our customers making Sidekicker up to 30% cheaper on warehouse staffing agency fees compared to traditional recruitment agencies.

Our platform creates a better way 

We are creating a better way to hire temporary warehouse store persons. Make a request at any time of day, view profiles of qualified warehouse store persons, hire your favourite and have us take care of the rest. Find out how it works here

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Have confidence in who you’re hiring 

View staff profiles before hiring 

All of our warehouse store persons have a detailed profile which outlines their experience, and performance on Sidekicker including their reliability score.. Unlike a traditional warehouse staffing agency you choose which Sidekick works for you. 

Tough screening & smart matching 

Our application process ensures that only the best casual staff make it through screening and our matching engine rewards those who perform best. 

24/7 support 

Our support team is available to support you with your temporary staffing needs and our payroll and compliance team ensure everything is taken care of for you. 

Don’t take our word for it

Thousands of companiess across ANZ have made the switch to Sidekicker from traditional staffing agencies to fill gaps in their roster, deal with seasonal peaks and solve permanent recruitment

Selecting the right staff is so easy, thanks to the transparent reliability and rating system of Sidekicks

Sidekicker’s amazing technology & Sidekicks has enabled us to manage our fluctuating staffing demands really easily

Sidekicker provide quality staff and digital tools that solved key challenges we’d been facing with our casual labour

Frequently asked questions

How does the payment process work for hiring warehouse store staff through Sidekicker?

All of Sidekicker’s warehouse store persons are employed by Sidekicker. Once a shift is completed approve the timesheet, click pay and it's done!

Can I view the profiles and ratings of available warehouse store staff before making a hiring decision?

Yes! All of our warehouse store persons come with a detailed profile. We want to make temporary staffing better and more transparent.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hours I can hire warehouse store persons for on Sidekicker?

The minimum shift is 4 hours.

How does Sidekicker ensure the reliability and quality of the temporary warehouse store persons available for hire?

All warehouse store persons must pass an interview and skill test. Once on the platform they are rated and reviewed after every shift and their reliability is tracked. Our matching engine rewards those with the best performance.

How quickly can I request and hire warehouse store persons through Sidekicker to fill urgent staffing gaps?

All warehouse store persons have a worker app which instantly notifies them about suitable shifts meaning our fill times are minutes not days.

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