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We recently sat down with Belinda who is the Operations Manager- Aged Care  at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre to find out why she loves using Sidekicker.

  • How long have you been working with Sidekicker?
    Jimbelunga has been working with Sidekicker now since the start of 2023.
  • Why do you like to use the Sidekicker platform?
    I appreciate being able to control and choose who comes to Jimbelunga; it allows both the staff and residents continuity of care and enables sidekicker to develop relationships and contribute at more than a surface level. I also like the star rating feature and the ability to make notes.
  • How do we compare to other providers, including agencies?
    Sidekicker is the primary external staffing platform Jimbelunga uses now due to the platform.
  • Can you tell us about a specific time Sidekicker had provided excellent service or helped provide a solution when your business needed it?
    We are calling after hours and assisting to cover a cancelled shift, despite not being in the office at the time. And also during the current COVID outbreak. Agency staff are aware of how we operate and, therefore more comfortable working during a lockdown.
  • What would you say to other Aged care facilities considering Sidekicker as a provider? Do it.  External staff are an essential part of your staffing mix and being able to build a pool of regular agency staff members benefits the residents, the providers, the staff, and the industry.

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