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Case studies:

Jimbelunga Nursing Centre

The client

Jimbelunga Nursing Centre provides extensive range of aged care and support services and has been operating in the space over the past 25-years. At Jimbelunga every person who needs care and support should expect high standards of care, safety and service, delivered with empathy and professionalism.

Jimbelunga provides 74 fully air-conditioned rooms at their Brisbane nursing centre, which have been fully renovated with resident’s care needs, comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Sidekicker recently sat down with Belinda who is the Operations Manager - Aged Care at Jimbelunga Nursing Centre to find out their challenges and why she loves Sidekicker.

The challenges

With the agency staff being an essential part of the staffing mix for nursing businesses, being able to build a pool of regular agency staff members benefits the residents, the providers, the staff and the industry.

Belinda appreciates Sidekicker assisting with their onsite staffing even after hours or during COVID outbreaks.

"We are informed after hours of cancellations and provided assistance covering a cancelled shift, despite now being in the office at the time. And also during the current COVID outbreak. Agency staff are aware of how we operate and, therefore more comfortable working during a lockdown."

The solution

Control and transparency over hiring decisions

Using Sidekicker's transparent recruitment platform since the start of 2023, Jimbelunga is able to pick and choose their preferred workers and make informed decisions with the visibility across Sidekicks profile including work experience, ratings and reliability score.

"I appreciate being able to control and choose who comes to Jimbelunga; it allows both the staff and residents continuity of care and enables Sidekicker to develop relationships and contribute at more than a surface level."

Sidekicker is now the primary nursing agency Jimbelunga uses, due to the platform.