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Workforce reporting: empowering businesses with the data they need

Traditionally, when businesses have engaged third parties to manage their flexible workforce, it has meant limited visibility over vital information such as cost, worker reliability, retention and fill rates–making it difficult to measure and improve performance.

And due to manual systems and processes such as paper timesheets, reporting is produced days or weeks after the data is actionable and useful. As a result, businesses are forced to rely on estimates and make decisions reactively.

Yet for any business, understanding the performance of your labour (and your labour provider) is critically important.

Which is why we created Workforce Reporting–tracking every aspect of your staffing operation digitally and in real-time, then presenting the data that’s important to you with live reporting dashboards.

Unlike traditional agencies, our technology spans the entire staffing value chain–from screening and onboarding to scheduling, time capture and payroll–everything runs through our systems, which means we capture data on everything.

We then connect all those data points to create reports that present the information you need to measure and continuously improve the efficacy of your labour, such as:

  • Hours worked
  • Costs
  • WHS incidents
  • Worker feedback
  • Worker performance
  • Retention
  • Fulfilment

The impact Workforce Reporting can have on your business

Improve reliability and productivity

Every worker has a reliability score, which is instantly updated when any infractions–such as withdrawing, being late, or no-showing–occur. We then track on-site performance through post-shift ratings and reviews.

This means we’re able to promptly identify any issues and continuously curate your workforce, and allows you to see how performance is tracking over time.

Find and retain your best workers

As we capture the sourcing channels, screening and onboarding methodology used for every worker, we’re able to link this data to performance metrics and continuously hone in on your ideal worker profile.

We then use this data to develop our recruitment, screening and onboarding methods to source and provide more of them. This works to dramatically improve retention rates–we’ve improved customers’ retention (i.e. workers retained after 3 months, 6 months, etc) by an average of 166%.

Use actual costs to optimise labour across sites

Our digital time capture and payroll processes mean we capture data on hours worked, as well as actual cost, in real-time.

This provides total visibility and oversight of costs across the entire business–eliminating error margins and allowing you to measure costs against budget at both company or site-specific level. We’ve helped customers like PACT eliminate error margins of 15% in daily budget reporting–reducing decision timelines from days and weeks, down to just a few minutes.

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To learn more about how our Workforce Reporting can empower your business, please get in touch.

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