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May Feature Drop

Sidekicker is committed to addressing the staffing challenges faced by businesses. Our new feature releases aim to tackle common pain points in casual staffing, providing solutions for a more efficient and seamless staffing experience.

Live now: Sidekicker Timetracker

Timetracker is a time and attendance app designed to simplify the clocking in and out process for casual staff. Using an iPad and an individual PIN, workers can easily record their shifts with their individual PIN code.

This feature captures accurate clock-in and clock-out times, transferring this data seamlessly to the Sidekicker platform to streamline timesheet operations for both businesses and workers. 

Businesses can view all submitted timesheets on the platform, and easily edit or approve hours and view the photo taken during clock-in for facial verification. 

Coming up: Overtime Risk Alert (AU businesses only)

To enhance transparency and control over hiring and staffing costs, we're introducing the Overtime Risk -alert. This feature will provide businesses with crucial information about potential overtime expenses.

The alert appears on an open job request for any applicant who is likely to go onto weekly overtime if hired (when the worker has already been scheduled to work a minimum of 32 hours that pay period). This alert helps businesses to make informed decisions, and manage staffing budgets more effectively.