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Introducing MAP

One of the biggest things we heard from our customers is that they want consistent workflows when hiring agency staff. Many of our customers were telling us that each agency had a different workflow creating work internally for their teams. They also lacked visibility over how agencies were performing, who they were engaging and what order requests were being sent to their agencies.  

For a lot of our customers their world looked a little like this. 

We also heard that customers loved using our platform but in an ideal world would also be able to engage their other agencies via our platform. That is why we created MAP which gives you all the benefits of Sidekicker that you love whilst also being able to send requests to your agencies. 

Now their world can look like this

So what have customers loved about MAP so far?

All your agency shifts in one place

No more calling and emailing to fill shifts and waiting on replies. All your agency shifts in one place. MAP allows you to send a request to one or many agencies and then for agencies to submit workers. This means if you needed 3 workers you could have 3 workers from 3 different agencies on one shift. 

Gain visibility

Real time reporting allows you to see the volume, costs, performance, and source of your casual hiring. You can also see a list of all the agencies your business engages with and the fill rates by agency. 

Improve Performance and reduce time spent filling agency shifts by 60%

Send requests to your favourite providers first and fill your requests faster and at a better price. Customers are reducing the time internal teams spend feeling agency shifts by 60%.

If you want to find out more about our MAP offering and whether it could help your business then please request a call here