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How we make workforce builds work for you

We believe technology can change the way businesses hire and manage a casual workforce of any size. This doesn’t mean replacing humans with automation or cutting corners on things that will always need time and attention–it means finding better ways to do things.

Our recruitment methodology works to do just this–enabling us to build workforces in record time, and dramatically improving the suitability, productivity and retention of casual workers by matching the right workers with the right roles. This enables us to:

  • Increase on-site induction pass-rate by ~95%, meaning you’re not wasting time on unsuitable workers
  • Improve retention by ~166%, meaning high productivity is maintained
  • Build workforces of 50+ in under 24 hours, allowing businesses to respond quickly to changes in demand

Here’s a high level overview of how our technology, alongside our expert team, works to consistently achieve these kind of results for customers.

1. Labour pool matching

Traditionally, with manual processes and fragmented labour pools, it has been impossible to connect with candidates who have the relevant and required skills, experience, licenses and qualifications, who are also available and eager to work the required hours or duration, and can meet all expectations of the role – leading to a lot of time wasted sifting through unsuitable candidates at the top of the recruitment funnel.

When building a workforce, we are able to recruit directly from our marketplace of already vetted Sidekicks, which means we’re able to pinpoint and send opportunities directly to workers who have all of the required attributes.

1 - Talent matching

2. Custom-built application flows

We are able to craft custom application workflows for clients, with ‘Smart’ screening systems that auto-reject applicants if they do not meet any minimum requirements e.g. ‘Are you willing to complete a monthly drug & alcohol test?’, or ‘Are you available to work at least 30 hours for 6 weeks?’.

This streamlines and systemises the process of ensuring candidates are fit-for-purpose for every role, before they even reach the shortlist stage.

2 - Smart questions

3. Applicant shortlist

For businesses who want to review candidates before hiring or inviting them to complete on-site interviews, inductions or training, our systems make it super simple to review shortlisted candidates and add them to your workforce.

Staff Profiles also eliminate the need for time-consuming and inconsistent CV’s and present you with a streamlined view of candidates.

3 - Applicants

4. Pre-employment checks

Once workers have been hired we conduct any final screening such as 1:1 interviews, expectation setting, drug & alcohol or medical checks, and ensure any pre-work materials are completed by workers, meaning every single worker arrives on site 100% work-ready.

4 - Sidekick Onboarding

5. Onboarding & compliance

Once a workforce is built, everything is recorded and managed centrally through the Sidekicker platform, such as storing and displaying certificates and licenses on worker profiles.

This provides businesses with total visibility and assurance that their workforce is fully compliant at all times with OH&S and license requirements.

5 - Workforce view

If you’re running a casual workforce, and looking to reduce churn, create efficiencies and improve productivity, you can learn more about Sidekicker’s solutions here.

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