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February Feature Drop

We have two exciting features aimed at making it easier to get the same Sidekick back again and tightening up our matching engine to ensure we only display the best available Sidekicks. 

Duplicate Requests

We understand the value of your time, and that's why we're introducing the 'Duplicate Request' feature. This functionality is designed to effortlessly repost your requests, seamlessly rolling in your previous Sidekicks into the new one. 

This functionality will assist you to post your requests quicker when:

  • Posting your reoccurring roster
  • Inviting the same Sidekick/s back for future shifts

Here's how it works:

  • Effortless re-posting: Duplicate your requests with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.
  • Pre-assign Sidekicks: Confirm the availability of your preferred Sidekicks before posting the request. Assign them in advance for a smoother process with payroll and timesheets.

Better Sidekick Matching

We understand that when using Sidekicker you want to be able to choose a great Sidekick without drowning into Sidekick applications. 

Currently our platform is sometimes providing 10x the required number of Sidekicks, which isn’t great for you or the Sidekicks. Our platform will now allow you to quickly see and hire the best Sidekicks, reducing the number of irrelevant applications.

When the applicant sorting option is by ‘Best match’, our product will scan each applicant on your job and give them a matching score based on our best match criteria. This score will be used to sort the application list in order of highest score to lowest score. 

This means you will see the Sidekicks who are deemed to be the best match against your job on the top of the application list. 

Best match criteria will scan the Sidekick’s profile for:

  • Previous experience: Assessing the Sidekick's suitability based on their past experience on the platform.
  • Distance from job: Ensuring that the Sidekick is conveniently located for the task at hand.
  • Star rating: Ratings provided by other employers.
  • Reliability score: Evaluating the Sidekick's reliability for a seamless collaboration.

When the product determines that you’ve received enough highly scoring applications to fill your role and have the option to choose between them, the applications will be closed, making it easier for you to scan through the applicants list and make your hiring decisions. If you choose to pass on a candidate, the platform will reopen your request to receive new applications.  

Upcoming updates

To enhance your rostering process further, we are expanding the functionality of the ‘Duplicate Requests’, enabling you to duplicate multiple requests all at once. Stay tuned for updates! With these recent platform updates, we believe we can provide you with better efficiency, and access to top-tier talent.