Uber brand ambassadors


The Company


Launching in 2009, Uber has completely revolutionised the transportation industry–connecting people needing a reliable ride with people looking to earn extra money driving their car through a simple, easy-to-use app.


Uber is currently in over 630 cities around the world, and has been growing rapidly in Australia and New Zealand since 2012.


The Situation


As part of their aggressive growth strategy, Uber regularly engages in local promotional campaigns, which typically require more than 500 staff per campaign across multiple cities.


Given the irregular nature of promotional marketing, quickly sourcing, interviewing and hiring such high volumes of staff was not feasible, thus Uber required an external staffing solution.


The Solution


Just as Uber gives people access to a reliable rides at the click of a button, Sidekicker gives businesses access to skilled staff at scale, when and where needed. Thus, Uber joined Sidekicker’s all-in-one on-demand staffing platform to fuel their growth.


Uber has since used Sidekicker to staff promotional campaigns, including Uber Kittens, Uber Puppies, Uber Donuts and most famously, Uber Ice Cream.


To keep up with their growth, Uber is also supported by a large business admin team responsible for onboarding thousands of drivers a month.


There are several challenges associated with this including fluctuating demands, high absenteeism and high turnover, which make traditional recruitment time consuming and often not worth the cost.


After hiring skilled promotional staff on Sidekicker so successfully, and loving the speed and ease-of-use of the platform, Uber also tapped into Sidekicker’s skilled business admin staff. This enabled them to easily, quickly and cost effectively scale up whenever they require additional hands on deck.

Uber’s on-demand workforce now consists of brand ambassadors, business admin, event and promotional staff, which they access and manage with just a few clicks on Sidekicker.


“Having access to our own Sidekicks on demand has helped Uber grow rapidly in Australia and New Zealand while keeping our core team lean but well supported.” – Simon Rossi, General Manager, Uber.