Choosing The Right Technology Staffing Partner: 4 Red Flags To Look For

22nd Jun, 2020 | Resources

You’re in a peak period, you’re attempting to scale your business, or your best staff are burnt out and need a rest. There are a raft of reasons you might need a flexible or temporary staffing solution – and almost as many methods and solutions to choose from.

With a lot riding on the accessibility and quality of the staff you bring in, it’s crucial that you can sort the great staffing platforms from the plain old average.

So how do you know when a particular technology staffing partner is just not going to work for you?

Here is a list of four red flags to watch out for when choosing a technology staffing partner:


1. If they don’t allow visibility or control over which temporary staff you deal with

Traditional staffing solutions often use recruitment managers to connect their clients with available staff – but this means the client has no view over who they are getting until they show up for a shift.

Your needs and criteria are left in the hands of someone else, who has more of an incentive to fill your shift than they do to send you the right person. The most effective staffing platforms let you see the ratings, reviews and work histories of the staff who want to work with you.  


2. If you can’t rehire your favourite staff

With no view over who is showing up to your shift, it’s impossible for you to reject staff you’ve had bad experiences with or curate a list of your favourite staff again and again. The right staffing solution will allow you to create talent pools of the staff who most impressed you and offer work to them first.


3. If a staffing platform can’t explain how they ensure the quality of their temporary staff

Every staffing platform is going to promise you quality staff – but if an agency can’t walk you through how they assess and maintain that quality in their workers then this statement is nothing more than lip service. A sustainable staffing solution will have rigorous processes like skills-testing before they allow a contingent worker onto their platform, and have review or ratings processes that encourage staff to do their best in order to get future work.


4. If you can’t easily get in touch with their team

When you can’t reach your staffing representative, or they are slow to assist with your requests or issues, they’re adding to the stress and time wasting that you’re trying to solve by using temp workers in the first place. The right platform for you will present a number of ways for you to get support from their team, across the majority of the day.