Love What You Do – Meet Sidekick Cassondra Ruso

3rd Jul, 2020 | Sidekicker Updates

Sidekicker was founded on the belief that through technology, alongside a relentless drive to help and enable people to reach their potential, everyone should have the freedom to do that they love. Our mission is to help others live a more empowered life.

Our ‘Love What You Do’ series is a collection of interviews with the Sidekicks who make up our casual workforce.

July’s ‘Sidekick of the month’ goes to Sydney Sidekick, Cassondra Ruso. She’s known for her big smile and positive attitude, which has led to Cassondra landing a number of jobs for clients such as BoodleHarris Farm Markets and Be Challenged. Cassie has over 3 years experience working in promotions and hostessing, and has already completed over 20 jobs with Sidekicker! Read more about her Sidekicker experience below.

How did you hear about Sidekicker and what made you want to apply?

When I first arrived in Sydney I began looking for jobs online, and I came across Sidekicker. When I went to the interview I was so charmed by the happy and friendly atmosphere! I loved the company instantly.

What has been your favourite job so far?

My favourite was a catering job I did for a couple’s charity fundraiser.

It was at the Bondi pavilion, which I don’t need to tell you has stunning sunset views.

The people there were interesting, genuine, smart, and so kind! All of us working felt as if we were also attending the party! They even sent us home with a bunch of delicious food.

What do you do outside of Sidekicker?

I’m a nature junky. I love surfing, hiking, swimming, beach lounging, and just walking around in the fresh air. Back in the states, I was studying biology.

What‘s attributes do you think a top Sidekick should have?

Be open, enthusiastic, and have a good attitude in general!

Life is so precious; it’s such a waste to be annoyed or bored while working.

A positive perspective makes you a better employee and it also makes the workday fly by ?

Finally, would you recommend Sidekicker to your friends, and why?

Of course! It’s so simple to apply for jobs on my phone.

I love the flexibility and convenience.