Love What You Do – Meet Sidekick Arthur Carvalho

22nd Jun, 2020 | Sidekicker Updates

Our Sidekick community is made up of people from all walks of life. Their backgrounds, their passions and their stories are part of what makes them so good at what they do. Arthur is a Brazillian medical student, who Sidekicks to further his travels and education in a new country.

Where Were You Working Before You Started Sidekicking?

I was studying to be a doctor in Brazil before I moved to Australia. I hope to travel to amazing places, open my mind and discover new ways of life. For me, coming to Australia has been essential in beginning this process.

Tell Us Something Unique About Yourself

I come from a family of talented musicians. My father and brother play instruments very well and I play the guitar and sing – not as well as them though. It’s more of a hobby that I do with friends (mostly after a few beers!)

What Was Your First Sidekicking Gig?

It was at a Lion’s game at The Gabba. I am a big fan of sport and we don’t get to see AFL or even much rugby in Brazil. It was an amazing experience – I learnt about the game and had a great time working behind the bar!

What Did You Want To Be When You Were Younger?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a King. Perhaps I can still find my princess and make my dreams come true!

Coolest Thing You’ve Done At A Job?

I worked for a wedding as a bartender. The couple were so happy with me and my work that they asked me to be part of their photo album. Now I show up in photos of the most special day of their lives! It is so rewarding to see such happiness in other people and know that you were able to contribute.

What Do You Hope To Do In The Future?

I see myself in the health industry. I hope to finish University and land a job in the sector. Before I do this, I want to have new experiences, learn and discover new thing and travel a lot more – Sidekicker helps me do this.

What’s One Piece Of Advice You’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Be A Sidekick?

Be a hard worker, be confident and have an open mind.

Why Do You Love What You Do?

Every time I work with Sidekicker, it’s a different experience. You never know what you will find and who you will meet! It presents so many great opportunities and I am so grateful to be part of the Sidekicker family!