Love What You Do – Meet Aiiding Majok

22nd Jun, 2020 | Sidekicker Updates

Our Sidekick community is made up of people from all walks of life. Their backgrounds, their passions and their stories are part of what makes them so good at what they do. Aiiding is a Sydney-based Sidekick who comes via Kenya, and selects the shifts that will help her build a career in Australia.

Tell Us Something Unique About Yourself

I was born in Kakuma Refugee Camp to the North of Lake Turkana in Kenya. I came to Australia in 2008 with almost no English. All I knew was ‘Hello’ and how to spell words such as dog, boy, girl, cat, and donkey.

I remember a student at my college said ‘G’day’ and smiled. I started telling them off in my language thinking that they swore at me. I laugh every time I think I discovered that he was just trying to say hello.


What Was Your First Sidekicking Gig?

My first shift was at a Guinness World Record event! I was chosen for a shift for Be Challenged where I was a team activity facilitator. When I found out the activity I was facilitating was a World Record attempt, I was so excited. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the World Record for the tallest Styrofoam tower built in one minute beaten – but it was still a great day.


What Was Your First Job?

I did work experience at a Spotlight store when I was in year 9.


What Do You Hope To Do In The Future?

I want to keep gaining more experience with Sidekicker in customer service, events and promotions.

I also want to become a personal trainer and group instructor for Zumba and dance inspired exercises! I love dancing, singing and drawing.


What Did You Want To Be When You Were Younger?

I wanted to be many things growing up. I wanted to be a performing artist and in a job where I was working with people. I wanted to be a doctor too, but that was before I discovered that the sight of blood makes me feel faint.


What’s One Piece of Advice You’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Be a Sidekick?

Just do it! You never know what kind of shift you might land. It’s also a great way to be exposed to different types of job roles that you never would have thought existed.


Why Do You Love What You Do?

Because I get to choose the kind of work I want to do.