How To Fill 37,000 Hospitality Jobs in Australia

22nd Jun, 2020 | Resources

The warmer weather is upon us and it’s no surprise the bars and restaurants across the country are filling out with punters keen to soak up the sunshine.

If you do wander into a local pub this weekend, chances are you may hear some unfamiliar accents.

This time of year brings an influx of working holiday makers from all over the world, looking to escape the cooler climates of the northern hemisphere.

There are 37,000 new hospitality jobs forecast to open up between now and November 2020* and these welcome visitors are helping fill the growing demand for staff in this sector. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) reports that the working holiday program is ‘a strong contributor of supplementary labour for industries needing short-term or seasonal workers, such as hospitality’.

Our friends at SEEK report a 4% year-on-year increase in job ads for the Hospitality and Tourism sector in September. And with the number of job openings expected to keep growing, we know that this trend is going to continue to put more pressure on the already in-demand hospitality workforce.

What makes working holiday visa holders so perfect for this industry is their 6 month restriction of work per employer, and their desire to have fun and meet new people during their short stint in our country.

Many of them, like Kai Chahal, have turned to temporary staffing companies to earn a decent wage, all while maintaining the flexibility to enjoy the reason they came to Australia in the first place.

Kai, who signed up to the temporary staffing platform, Sidekicker, a few months ago tells us, “I am trying to travel as much of Australia as I can whilst I’m over here, and the work through Sidekicker is funding my three week road trip down the east coast.”

Steph Drilon, Head of Supply at Sidekicker, is busy recruiting talented hospitality staff, as the requests by clients for workers with these skills are increasing daily.

She explains, “Finding great bartenders and wait staff to fill the demand for them is always a challenge. International travellers are a great addition to our Australian workforce, especially during the busy spring and summer seasons.”

With the ability to make a decent living working for some of best hotels and restaurants across Australia, it’s no wonder travellers are flocking to this flexible way of work.

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