Why You Need A Hospitality Training Program

30th Jun, 2020 | Resources

Training staff can often be an overwhelming task: not only do you need to set aside time from your busy schedule to train new employees, but you need to ensure that the time you dedicate to training is worthwhile.

For small venues, training new staff as they come on board is the easiest way to go. When you don’t have the time to sit down and explain each specific detail of your venue sometimes throwing people in head first can be the easiest option.

On the other hand, larger venues either have a training program set up and ready or just aren’t sure where to begin. Many have been wanting one for a long time but just aren’t sure it’s worth the investment.

The gang at Typsy know that finding the time and ensuring the training you give your staff is great is often hard to come by. That’s why they have created an easy way to train hospitality staff online with their 350 plus resources.

Here are some reasons why Typsy believes you need a hospitality training program for your business.


Train your staff so you don’t need to worry about slip-ups

Whether you are hiring someone new or someone who has been working in the industry for a few years, you should never assume they know their stuff.

In 2017, 41 percent of front-of-house employees and only 52 percent of back-of-house employees had less than a year of experience. This means that of the 22.6 million hospitality positions, many are filled by staff who are unqualified.

To combat poor staff etiquette, provide training so you can ensure that your staff know the simple things that get your venue moving. It also means that you can be sure your staff are able to complete any task you assign them and don’t need help with everything they do.

Providing up-to-date training also means your staff satisfaction will increase. By providing ways for your staff to feel comfortable and confident in your venue, you will see them enjoying their work more. And, we all know that when we enjoy something we are more likely to keep doing it.


Training staff means they will stay for longer

You offer your staff really good benefits, you treat them well and you know they enjoy their work, so why do they keep leaving?

It all comes down to training. In 2016, hospitality employee turnover hit 72.9 percent, with many job vacancies hitting front-of-house positions. Sure, your staff may love their workplace, but if they aren’t growing within their role, they will soon start looking for bigger and better opportunities.

With 86 percent of businesses only offering less than 10 hours of ongoing training, it’s no wonder 40 percent of employees leave their positions within the first year. Not only will they not know how to serve their customers well, but they will see that future job opportunities in your business are non-existent.

Hospitality training allows your employees to learn and grow within their position and even your venue. Do your staff tend to struggle and get stressed when it gets busy? By providing training they can learn new ways to handle their daily tasks, ease stress and start enjoying their role more. You may even see them grow so much you could offer them a more senior position!

Cocktail Training For Hospitality Staff

More training equals more staff development

We know millennials love hospitality jobs and we are sure you have a few on your staff. In fact, Time Magazine has estimated that by 2025, three out of every four workers will be a millennial. But did you know that 87 percent of them say training and development is crucial to their job?

By offering your staff training they are not only less likely to leave, but they are more likely to grow within your venue. Just hired a new staff member with a glowing resume but they seem unsure of what to do? Offering them sufficient training will not only see their stress ebb away, but will also allow them to do their job better and boost their confidence levels.  

We all know that when we are chucked into a situation we don’t know much about, we can tend to be a little nervous. But training can help alleviate this. With easy, simple explanations your staff will be able to understand their tasks better, improve their work and provide help to other employees.

Even a small amount of training can make a significant difference. Hospitality businesses that spent 5 percent or more of their budget on training in 2015 experienced 23 percent less staff turnover.


Don’t have the time? Head online!

Finding the time to train your staff in person can be hard, especially when it means taking time out of running your venue to show staff how to complete simple tasks. But did you know that more companies are now turning to the web to train their staff?

64 percent of restaurants have invested in external resources to train their staff. It’s no wonder – online learning has been growing worldwide with many schools, universities and TAFE’s offering classes online. So why not hospitality too?

Most hospitality online training is done through video. Not only does this mean that staff can see examples of the tasks they need to do but they can stop, pause and replay content they need and want. Plus, it’s online so it’s on the go. Your staff can view their training whenever they want – on the bus, while walking the dog, while at the beach, you get the picture.

But surely looking at a computer means they don’t absorb the information? That’s where you’re wrong! Online training students learn five times the material their peers do and in half the time. So you can not only expect your staff to be better equipped for their next shift but you can also expect them to have learnt more than their offline counterparts.


Online is cost effective and provides endless benefits

Online training allows your staff to increase their skills when and where they want. Whether it’s on the way to their next shift, on their lunch break or when they have a spare few minutes on the weekend. Their learning is endless and every new skill they learn is something you can reap the benefits of.

For every dollar you invest in online training, you get back $30 in productivity. This is because employees can resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately. What’s not to like?

Online training also means you don’t need to undertake any face-to-face training which means your time can be used for the important stuff. If that doesn’t get you interested perhaps the fact that online learning earns venues a positive return on investment in less than a year will.

For companies like Typsy, who offer online video training for hospitality venues, training can take just 10 minutes and is accessible on mobile or laptop. For under $200 a month Typsy offers online training for all staff members at your venue. Got 10 staff? That’s just $20 per member a month for unlimited hospitality training resources which will see your employees learn new skills that will keep your venue growing.

Training your staff doesn’t have to cost you, your business or your time. By offering online training you can allow your staff to learn new skills which are not only beneficial for them but for you too.

It’s hard not to see that there is a direct relationship between great training and staff loyalty, performance and higher profits. So, what’s stopping you from getting your staff members ready for tomorrow?