Tips to get your workforce prepared for the end of financial year

3rd Jul, 2020 | Trends, Data & Insights

With the end of financial year just a few weeks away, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you get ready.

1. Make sure you are across any mandatory increases to hourly wages

Fair Work has announced a 3% increase to the national minimum wage and wages governed by a modern award.

We recommend including this news in your communications to staff and making adjustments to your 2020 financial year budgets to accurately reflect this increase.

We will be updating the rates on our platform on June 1 to accurately reflect wage increases.

2. Avoid an influx of questions by getting on the front foot with communication

Many of our clients manage workforces across multiple sites or various departments.

This can make communication a little tricky for HR managers, who don’t have regular facetime with casual employees and rely on online communication tools like email or apps.

To avoid an influx of emails from your casual staff, we recommend getting on the front foot within the next week to let them know when to expect payment summaries.

If you are reporting via Single Touch Payroll, payment summaries will become available via myGov and you will not need to provide them.

3. Avoid burnout and don’t overwork

Burnout not only lowers productivity but also leads to people avoiding work and calling in sick–contributing to absenteeism.

At this time of the year, we notice a number of our clients request Sidekicks to help with EOFY sales and various administrative tasks to assist with the additional work that would otherwise leave them working overtime and putting them at risk of burnout.

4. If you have hired staff on Sidekicker…

If you work with Sidekicks on a regular basis and they ask any questions about payment summaries, please encourage them to talk to us via the support chat bubble in their app.

If any Sidekicks who work for you regularly ask about payment summaries, please get them to chat to us in their Sidekick app or contact support. We will be sending out communications to Sidekicks regarding tax returns shortly.