Reinvent how you hire temporary hospitality staff

We provide pre-screened hospitality staff and use technology to deliver unbeatable advantages.

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A single partner for all your hospitality staffing requirements

We have a huge and ever-growing pool of pre-screened hospitality workers, experienced across Australia’s best hospitality businesses.

  • Wait staff
  • Bar staff
  • Chefs & cooks
  • Stadium F&B
  • Catering
  • Functions
  • Baristas
  • Kitchen hands
  • Supervisors

Maintain your customer experience with continuity & consistency of staff

Rigorous screening

Including in-person interviews, skills testing, uniform and grooming checks and tailored inductions.

15% pass rate

Live quality & reliability data

Holds staff accountable and allows fast, continuous curation of our workforce.

Average of 4.9 out of 5 rating

Hire staff you know & trust

Our technology ensures we get you the right people, on the right shifts, at the right outlets.

Improve worker repetition by 6X

State-of-the art technology built for hospitality business

Request staff

Easily request staff online. Your requests are instantly sent to available, compliant and qualified staff, making our fill times the fastest in the industry.

WHS Compliance

Digital compliance systems give you security that everyone who works for you is qualified and safe to work, and being paid correctly.

Staff profiles

Control who works for your business with access to online profiles with experience, past performance and ratings & reviews from other businesses.

Smart talent pools

Drive retention and continuity of your favourite workers – customers have increased retention by as much as 70%.

Time & attendance

Digital time capture systems save you time, enable us to record real-time data on hours and costs, and can integrate with your existing WMS.

Real-time reporting

Gain visibility into labour hours and costs in real time. See how any or all of your sites are performing and measure against budgeted hours or output.

Order staff
WHS Compliance
Staff profiles
Smart talent pools
Time & attendance
Real-time reporting

We work with hospitality businesses of all sizes–from local SMEs to global hotel chains, and with all labour requirements–from one off engagements to building workforces of 500

Join leading businesses reinventing how they hire hospitality staff

- Michael Swan, Head of Catering & Events, Spark Arena

Sidekicker makes staffing easier and faster than anything we’ve ever used before, and significantly reduces time spent on recruitment.

The calibre and quality of staff on Sidekicker is unreal–it’s better than any other workforce we’ve ever had, whether that be through other staffing agencies or staff we’ve recruited ourselves.

- Beth George, Managing Director, In House Catering

We are so impressed by the ease with which we can request and connect with the exact style and calibre of candidate we need. Sidekicker has saved us 20% on our yearly staffing costs and we’ve gained almost a full day a week of time back previously spent on paperwork and admin.

- Diane Stanbra, Founder, Picnic Box

Hiring excellent staff on Sidekicker could not be easier, and is very user friendly. I don’t think about hiring staff now. I’m excited about the possibilities of what Picnic Box can do now we have Sidekicker – we’re now able to get great staff for exactly what we need, when we need it.

- Lucy Wong-Kam, Event Director, LittleWolf

We can now request a Sidekick in 30 seconds using pre-made templates, and have visibility over who is available to work for us in a matter of minutes. We can pre-plan our events much better. The whole platform is also super easy to use and the staff are of such consistently high quality.