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Make a request. Hire a Sidekick. Job done!

Now you can easily keep pace with business growth, seasonal peaks and busy periods. Flexibly cover leave and absenteeism or fill skill gaps in your roster.

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Create an account

Request staff immediately or have one of our local team members guide you through it. Gain insights into platform best practices via our help centre.

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Request staff in a few clicks

Easily request temporary staff online at any time of day. We can support all of your hiring needs;
 - Filling gaps in a roster.
 - Regular workers for seasonal needs
 - Ongoing casauls
 - Temp to perm

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Our tech does it’s thing

Your requests are instantly sent to available, compliant and qualified staff based on their skills, location, experience and past performance. You can view worker profiles before hiring, see their reliability and past work experience.

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Use powerful workforce tools

Sidekicker's state of the art platform gives you all the tools you need to manage your temporary staff. View your schedule, approve timesheets, use talent pools to get the same Sidekicks back and utilise our rating and review system to drive accountability and gain data on your workforce all via our platform.

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We take care of the rest

We handle all administrative tasks, payroll and work health and safety compliance. If problems pop up our 24/7 support team and local account managers are ready to help.

Gain access to skills tested Sidekicks, like the ones below!

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We’ve got you covered

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Payroll & WHS compliance

Digital compliance systems give you security that everyone who works for you is qualified, safe to work and being paid correctly.

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24/7 support

Gain peace of mind from our 24/7 support team that are there to support you every step of the way.

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Real-time reporting

Gain visibility into labour hours and costs in real time. See how any or all of your sites are performing and measure against budgeted hours or output.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer account management and support

Yes! for regular users of our platform we offer account management, typically this is for customers spending over $50,000 on temporary staff. For all our customers we offer 24/7 support and our payroll and compliance teams are on hand to deal with any issues.

Can multiple users from my business login?

Yes! Sidekicker allows you to invite multiple users onto your account. You can control their permissions which drives the actions they can take on the platform. Businesses also enjoy using sites which allows full visibility across all departments. This is one of the biggest things customers love compared to traditional temporary recruitment agencies.

Can you work with large complex workforces?

Yes! Sidekicker works with some of the largest businesses in the industry. We can customise our delivery and platform to suit your needs whether it be for 20 Sidekicks or 200.

How does Pricing work?

Sidekicker charges a service fee on top of the hourly rate to the worker, superannuation and other statutory charges. Pricing is clearly stated before you submit your booking request. If you have large or recurring needs we can offer custom pricing. We often find we are saving our customers up to 30% on traditional temporary recruitment agency fees.

What is Sidekicker

Sidekicker is a staffing platform that specialises in temporary staffing. We work with 1,000s of businesses across ANZ to help them take control, save money and spend less time organising their staff. Our platform allows you to manage your schedule, fill any staffing gaps quickly and track all of your staff costs. We are creating a better way for temporary staffing.

Why type of staffing problems can Sidekicker help me with?

Sidekicker specialises in temporary and casual recruitment and is typically used to; fill gaps in a roster, deal with seasonal peaks or product launches, Fixed term engagements, outsourced casual staffing and Temp to perm.

How do you screen your Sidekicks

All Sidekicks are interviewed by our specialist onboarding team and must create a detailed profile listing their experience and any certifications. Unlike a traditional temporary recruitment agency you are able to see all of this information before accepting them onto your premise.

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