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3 reasons to hire a casual workforce

As a growing business, you find the workload building up. You need extra staff quickly but are unsure how to find them.  Casual labour-hire allows you to remain flexible and adjust worker levels to match workflow. Let’s dive into why a casual workforce could be the leading solution and how Sidekicker can help.

#1 Easily manage fluctuating demand

As a business with increased demand during specific seasons or times of the day or week, maintaining a roster of reliable casuals will help meet your staffing needs.

#2 Save More

You don’t have to pay for annual or sick leave when you hire casually. Instead, you pay for casual loading. So, depending on how long you’re engaging these workers, pay loading instead of leave could translate to more savings.

#3 Open up a new pool of candidates

Not every candidate wants a permanent full-time role or is able to commit to ongoing work. Casual labour can thus be the ideal solution for both you and the worker.

5 ways Sidekicker solves the temp-casual hiring problem

Sidekicker has turned the temp and casual recruitment model on its head. Our technology creates ease of use, providing businesses timely access and transparency in the candidate selection process

  • See job applications in real-time on the Sidekicker app. No more following up with agencies for candidate data. Know who is turning up for a shift as soon as the role is filled.
  • Reduce time shortlisting candidates. Use our Sidekick ratings and reviews to quickly make an informed decision about who you hire next!
  • Work with high-quality and reliable talent. Sidekicks undergo strict pre-screening and approvals before working through our platform.
  • Sidekicker’s no-show rate of  0.5%, gives you the peace of mind that our workers will turn up for the job.
  • Beat worker shortage issues by using Sidekicker to plan your recruitment for the short and long term. Post now for jobs you’re hiring in, say, three months and leave it up to Sidekicker to release those jobs to the market with a sufficient hiring window.

Sidekicker also helps you retain your best workers with a feature called talent pool. You rehire the same workers, saving hours in your day retraining new temps and casuals

Here’s what the Youfoodz P&C team had to say about our Talent Pool.

“Unlike traditional forms of temporary staffing, we have the same Sidekicks coming back by using a feature called talent pools. Talent pools enable us to have an external workforce available on-demand, whilst having to avoid retraining new temps every time because we’re able to hire the same Sidekicks over and over again.”

Get on-demand or scheduled access to a reliable and comprehensive worker pool across Australia & New Zealand. Plus, no upfront advertising cost to post jobs. You only pay on completion. Sign up to hire today

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