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What Sidekicks do

Find jobs in the industry you are most experienced in


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Why work with Sidekicker
The power to choose the work you do–all through a mobile app

1. Become a Sidekick

Apply online today and tell us about your experience. Then, if selected, come in for an onboarding session with us.

2. Apply for & complete jobs

Search the Sidekicker platform for jobs you’ll enjoy and apply for them. Once selected, show up to your job and provide 5-star service to your client.

3. Get paid and reviewed

After completing the job, simply log on to your app, submit your hours and review your client. They’ll do the same and you’ll get paid your hard-earned money

“Choosing my shifts fits in perfectly with my studies”

Jess, Hospitality Sidekick

Why become a Sidekick?

We want to connect the best staff with the best flexible jobs out there!

Earn extra money

In a tight spot or trying to save? Pick up jobs and earn money.

Pick your jobs

You have complete control. You can work to your own schedule.


No need to worry about finding work or chasing payment.

Industry leaders

Work with some of the best businesses in their industry.

Easy scheduling

Keep track of all of your jobs in the one platform and app.


Apply for work, log your hours and get paid – all on our platform.

Don’t just do the same old work

Join Sidekicker and have the freedom to choose the jobs you do