How Sidekicker works

4 Easy Steps

Making hiring temporary staff easier, faster and cheaper

1. Make a request online

Signup for free online, and we’ll be in touch to activate your account. You're then up and running!

Requests for staff, all who have been personally interviewed & skills tested by us, take seconds to create, and are instantly sent to all available & relevant 'Sidekicks', making us the fastest way to hire temporary staff.

2. Select your Sidekicks

Once Sidekicks start applying, you can see detailed online profiles with experience, photos, and ratings & reviews from other businesses to choose the best person for your needs.

Staff quality is our number 1 priority, so only 15% of applicants make it through our rigorous screening process, and Sidekicks must maintain a 4/5 star rating to work on the platform.

3. Pay your Sidekicks

Sidekicker is the employer of record and our platform is complete with inbuilt award rate classification, payroll, and oncosts, relieving you of all employment and compliance admin.

You simply approve hours and pay staff with a couple of clicks, and everything is taken care of.

4. Rate & review your Sidekicks

Ratings and reviews after every shift allow us to ensure a consistently great experience for both businesses and Sidekicks, and help businesses make informed choices about who they hire.

Sidekicks with low ratings lose access to the Sidekicker app, driving high reliability and performance and keeping Sidekicks accountable to doing a great job.

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