How Sidekicker works

Hire interviewed, skills tested, rated & reviewed temporary staff through an easy to use online platform

1. Make a request for staff online

2. Select staff using detailed profiles

3. Pay with 1 click–we handle payroll for you

4. Rate & review

1. Make a request online

Signup for free online and we’ll be in touch to activate your account. 

You can request 24/7, and all available & relevant staff are notified instantly via our Sidekick app

2. Select your staff

Use detailed profiles with experience, photos, and ratings & reviews from other businesses to choose the best person for your needs.

All staff have been pre-screened by us as part of our 6 stage screening process.


3. Pay staff

We are the Employer of Record for all staff, which means we handle payroll & admin. Our platform also has inbuilt award rate classification.

Simply pay with one click, and everything is taken care of.

View our pricing.

4. Rate and review your staff

Our 2-way rating and review system works to drive accountability and performance and helps you hire the best people for your needs.

Sidekicks must maintain a 4/5 star rating.

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Whether you have urgent or ongoing needs, we connect you with the best available staff–faster and cheaper than our competitors.