installex case study


The company

InstallEx is Australia’s #1 installation service for events, exhibitions and fit-outs, servicing the likes of Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Myer and The Australian Open.


Business problem #1: Inefficient and ineffective casual recruitment

With fluctuating demands, InstallEx requires a casual workforce of up to 300 staff around the country that they can scale up and down for projects as and when needed.


Although essential to InstallEx’s business, frontline low-skill labour (primarily setup & packdown staff, semi-skilled labour and custom stand builders) is not their core offering.


InstallEx are not experts in sourcing and screening high volume casual labour, which led to subpar recruitment processes.


InstalEx were often recruiting staff that were not well suited to roles, and the work available was often inconsistent. Both of these factors led to high churn, which was costly, time consuming, and jeopardised service delivery.


Business problem #2: Archaic and fragmented systems & processes

Processes like paper and highly manual schedules / rostering, paper timesheets, paper OH&S record management) caused inefficiencies and compliance risk.


The solution: “Workforce as a Service”

InstallEx invited their 300+ casual workforce to join Sidekicker, creating private Talent Pools of staff organised by location, skill and role.

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A single platform for managing all casual and agency staffing needs

  • Easily assign shifts online–staff are now instantly notified and able to confirm through Sidekicker’s app
  • Optimise the allocation of their workforce by assigning shifts directly to Talent Pool staff
  • Manage the schedule of their entire casual and temp workforce for projects
  • Manage timesheets
  • Seamlessly post shifts to Sidekicker’s marketplace of temp staff when needed, using Talent Pools to rehire their preferred staff
  • Use real-time reporting dashboards to measure performance and cost-effectiveness

Leaving casual recruitment to the experts and focussing on their core business

Sidekicker became the employer of record of all InstallEx casuals, so took on the administration of payroll as well as the recruitment, screening and onboarding of new staff when required.


Recruiting hundreds of manual labour personnel every month, and strictly managing performance through rating and review data, Sidekicker are the experts in identifying, sourcing, and screening for high quality and reliable staff.


Working with InstallEx to understand the profile of their ideal workers, Sidekicker has greatly improved the quality of InstallEx’s casual workforce. As InstallEx staff also have access to Sidekicker’s marketplace, they need not churn seeking consistent employment during InstallEx’s quiet periods.


The results

  • Reduced churn of casual labour by 75%
  • Saved $X annually on recruitment and staffing costs
  • Saved 3-4 hours per month on recruitment admin
  • Saved 1-2 hours per week on payroll admin