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Sidekicker is the fastest way to hire temporary receptionists. Our expert team has interviewed & approved all staff, and you can use detailed profiles to choose the right person for your business.

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Powered by technology

Our transparent and easy to use platform saves you time and money–most shifts are filled within 1 hour, and we’re up to 50% cheaper than traditional temporary staffing agencies.

Hire quality reception staff

All our staff are interviewed and skills tested before becoming a ‘Sidekick’–only 15% of applicants are approved. Sidekicks must then maintain a minimum 4/5 star rating.

We’re there at every step

Our local Customer Support team are experts in casual & temporary staffing, and are available 365 days a year via phone, email or online chat.

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How to hire receptionist staff on Sidekicker

1. Make a request online

Signup for free online and we’ll be in touch to activate your account.

You can request staff 24/7 in just a few seconds, and all available receptionist staff will be notified instantly and can start applying on our Sidekick app. Because of our technology, we are the fastest way to hire.

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2. Select your staff

You can select the best receptionist for your needs using detailed staff profiles with experience, photos, and ratings & reviews from other businesses.

We’ve personally interviewed & skills tested all staff, and they must maintain a 4/5 star rating to work on the platform.

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3. Pay, rate and review

We are the Employer of Record for all staff, which means we handle payroll and relieve you of employment admin. Our platform also has inbuilt award rate classification.

You simply pay, rate and review staff online after each shift, and everything is taken care of.

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Customer Service

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Frequently asked questions

How do you screen your receptionist staff?

All staff are interviewed & skills tested

All staff, or as we call them, ‘Sidekicks’, go through an extensive screening and interview process before being hired:

  1. Online application and screening
  2. Group interview
  3. 1:1 interview including experience and behavioural questions
  4. Skills tests
  5. Certification and qualification check
  6. Onboarding
  7. Profile setup
How do you ensure staff quality & reliability?

Talent Acquisition

Our Sidekick app is the easiest and fastest way for people to source and manage casual work, and as one of ANZ’s most exciting startups we have rapidly become the go-to choice for workers–90% of our Sidekicks are generated through referrals. 


Businesses have historically had to sacrifice staff quality when choosing to hire temporary staff, due to a lack of transparency, choice, control and accountability of staff.

Our platform gives businesses the ability to choose their own temp staff using detailed Sidekick profiles with experience, photos, approved skills, and ratings & reviews from other businesses.

Sidekicks must maintain a minimum 4/5 star rating, and as our rating & review system impacts their being selected for shifts, they are held accountable to high performance.

Our average Sidekick rating is 4.9/5, and our no-show rate is only 0.5%.

Our Service & Operations Team

Our support team is on deck 365 days a year to make sure everything goes smoothly for businesses and Sidekicks. On the rare occasion a Sidekick withdraws from a shift, we’ll be there to replace them ASAP.

How do you find your staff?

Lucky for us, 90% of our Sidekick applications are generated through referrals, namely, partners like SEEK, Universities and existing Sidekicks. Because we have a world-class app for Sidekicks, we’re able to attract the best new talent.

How does payment work?

Our platform is completely transparent, so businesses can see all costs before making a request.

Once a Sidekick has finished a shift, they’ll log their hours on the Sidekick app. You’ll then be notified and can approve hours and make payment with a couple of clicks.

Payment includes:

  • Hourly rate paid to the Sidekick (based on the appropriate award rate)
  • Oncosts (Superannuation, payroll tax, insurance)

Our standard service fee of 20% is then applied on the total amount paid.

We pay our Sidekicks on Thursdays for the shifts they’ve worked during the previous week.

How is Sidekicker different to an agency?

Our technology

Our platform eliminates most of the manual tasks previously involved with temporary staffing agencies, which saves customers time and money.

Our technology also gives businesses unparalleled transparency and control, with features like detailed Sidekick profiles, ratings & reviews, private Talent Pools, templates, company sites and users accounts.

Our team

As one of ANZ’s most exciting and fastest growing companies–backed by SEEK, and voted Australia’s Coolest Company, Sidekicker’s team is made up of some of ANZ’s brightest and most sought after talent. With a growing team of 75, our processes and operations ensure the most exceptional service delivery for our customers.

How do ratings and reviews work?

When a Sidekick completes a shift, businesses are asked to leave a review and a rating out of 5.

This is then shown on the Sidekick’s profile when applying for future shifts, which other businesses can use to select the best person for their needs.

Sidekicks are removed from the platform if their rating falls below 4. Ratings and reviews left by Sidekicks are not displayed publicly, but can provide valuable insights for businesses.

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