Reinventing how the events industry hires agency staff

We provide pre-vetted event staff and use technology to deliver unbeatable advantages.

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Live Nation
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A single partner for all of your event staffing requirements

We have a huge and ever-growing pool of pre-screened event staff, with experience working at Australia’s best businesses and events.

  • F&B staff
  • Box office
  • Event assistants
  • Supervisors
  • Setup & packdown
  • Stand builders
  • Ticketing staff
  • Drivers
  • Promo staff

Work with more productive and reliable staff

Rigorous screening

Including in-person interviews, skills testing, document checks and tailored inductions.

15% pass rate

Live performance & reliability data

Holds staff accountable and allows fast, continuous curation of our workforce.

Average of 4.9 out of 5 rating

Pre-shift systems

Our team and systems ensure you get all the staff you need–whether it’s 1 or 500–on site and on time.

99.5% show rate

State-of-the art technology built for events business

Order staff

Easily order staff online. Your orders are instantly sent to available, compliant and qualified staff, making our fill times the fastest in the industry.

WHS Compliance

Digital compliance systems give you security that everyone who works for you is qualified and safe to work, and being paid correctly.

Staff profiles

Control who works for your business with access to online profiles with experience, past performance and ratings & reviews from other businesses.

Smart talent pools

Drive retention and continuity of your favourite workers – customers have increased retention by as much as 70%.

Time & attendance

Digital time capture systems save you time, enable us to record real-time data on hours and costs, and can integrate with your existing WMS.

Real-time reporting

Gain visibility into labour hours and costs in real time. See how any or all of your sites are performing and measure against budgeted hours or output.

Order staff
WHS Compliance
Staff profiles
Smart talent pools
Time & attendance
Real-time reporting

We work with businesses of all sizes–from local SMEs to major stadiums, and with all labour requirements–from one off engagements to building workforces of 500+

Join leading businesses reinventing how they hire

- Michael Swan, Head of Catering & Events, Spark Arena

“Sidekicker makes staffing easier and faster than anything we’ve ever used before, and significantly reduces time spent on recruitment.

The calibre and quality of staff on Sidekicker is unreal–it’s better than any other workforce we’ve ever had, whether that be through other staffing agencies or staff we’ve recruited ourselves.”

- John Amrhein, Head of Openair Cinemas

Sidekicker has saved us so much time and money and we get back all the time we used to spend every month interviewing, onboarding and scheduling casuals.

The quality of staff are also better and more consistent than when we used to recruit people ourselves because Sidekicker are the experts in sourcing large volumes of event staff.

- Steve Prosser, Head of Frontline Services, Ticketek

Sidekicker is a partnership made in heaven–it’s really how casual staffing should be done.

Sidekicker is an integral part of our business, and lets us focus on our clients’ needs and getting them the best possible outcomes, knowing we have the best team taking care of our workforce–from recruitment to HR and payroll.

- Jane Grey, Director, Cycle Blend

The quality of the staff on Sidekicker is phenomenal. Sidekicks always arrive early, look good, and are professional, enthusiastic and full of excitement–it feels like they’ve been highly trained to do what you need them to do.

With Sidekicker, I can totally relax when it comes to staffing, which allows me to focus on what I love doing–running and growing the business.