How hiring experienced promo staff grew Jumpflex’s sales

“The staff were so good we saw obvious sales growth and received heaps of positive customer feedback – they loved how informed and friendly the Sidekicks were.”

Chris Ryan, Team Leader

Launched by two young brothers in 2009, today Jumpflex trampolines can be found in backyards across Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Business challenges

One of Jumpflex’s core marketing strategies in Australia is promoting their unique trampolines in Westfield shopping centres, which means having to staff the activations to promote the product and engage with customers.

Jumpflex needed to staff five locations, but with a small core team they needed additional resources to do so.

Team Leader Chris Ryan, needed to orchestrate a promotional campaign remotely, but had had terrible experiences outsourcing staff in the past.

“We’d run a similar campaign before and it was an absolute disaster. We were paying an exorbitant amount to have an agency provide staff and manage the promotion, but I was often chasing up their personnel and management team – I was doing the legwork I was paying them for.”
Frustrated by the expensive fees and the lack of accountability, Chris was looking for a different solution.

Sidekicker’s solution

For Chris, the ideal solution would connect him with available staff in the cities he was targeting, but allow him full transparency and control over who he was hiring.
“At the end of the day our brand and reputation were at the mercy of whoever the previous agency sent, and that was not ideal.”
So Jumpflex decided to try Sidekicker.
“The systems were so straightforward, and they gave me the ability to review applicants in detail. I could read about their experiences and feedback from other companies. I was also able to make contact directly with the Sidekicks I was interested in so I could phone screen them.”
Working closely with the Sidekicker team Chris was able to roll the campaign out across five locations.
“I’d gone from a situation where I was micro-managing an agency that I was paying, to one where I had the control of the campaign and staff I needed. With the help from Sidekicker’s team, I was also able to relay resources to the staff ahead of the campaign so they were able to hit the ground running and best represent our brand.”
By taking full advantage of Sidekicker’s technology and supported by their dedicated account management team, Chris was able to execute the campaign to perfection.

The result

  • 75% sales growth from previous campaign
  • 30% reduction in agency fees
  • 1 full day per week saved previously spent on manual admin and chasing up agencies