Saving 20% annually on staffing costs

“We love being able to hire quality staff when we need them, without having to fork out excessive fees to a temp agency.”

Beth George, Managing Director of In House Catering

1 day

per week saved on manual admin


reduction in annual staffing costs

In operation for over 30 years, In House Catering is a Wellington-based gourmet catering business, offering services across events and functions of all sizes.

Business challenges

In September 2017, the executive team at In House realised that staffing had become their biggest barrier to success.

The wide range of hours and the seasonal nature of the business meant that they were always in need of staff, but couldn’t provide the regularity of work to keep a team of casuals engaged.

Trying to source and manage quality staff proved manual, time-consuming and stressful. Managing Director Beth George, had had enough of bulk student interviews, chasing staff through personal networks and paying a premium to temp agencies that rarely delivered the right staff.

We were in a situation where we just weren’t getting what we needed. I would pay through the nose for a barista and get someone who had only ever made instant coffee. It was infuriating.

Sidekicker’s solution

After realising that her time and money could be better spent growing the business rather than constantly chasing staff, Beth turned to Sidekicker.  

Impressed by the ease with which she was able to request and connect with the exact style of candidate she needed, Beth quickly installed Sidekicker as In House’s go-to staffing solution.

The results

Since utilising Sidekicker, In-House Catering have:

  • Saved 20% on yearly staffing costs
  • Gained 1 full day a week of time back, previously spent on repetitive low-value HR tasks

I love that I can post a specific description of what I need, go away and focus on something else. When I have the time, I can return and get a full understanding of who the applicants had worked for, and from that know which Sidekicks could deliver the level of service our business relies on.