Allowing Cycle Blend to focus on running and growing their business

“The quality of the staff on Sidekicker is phenomenal. Sidekicks always arrive early, look good, and are professional, enthusiastic and full of excitement.”

Jane Gray, Owner of Cycle Blend

Cycle Blend are a New Zealand owned business, providing custom made ‘blender bikes’ for a large variety of functions and events including expos, brand activations and promotions, team-building exercises, and company health and wellness days.

The challenge

When Cycle Blend launched, co-founders Jane and Steven Grey would manage the business as well as work all the events and functions, turning to friends and family to help them when they needed an extra hand.

However as the business grew, this became unsustainable.

We didn’t have time to properly vet staff, and we had big issues with churn as couldn’t offer regular hours.

Having to go through all the recruiting and employment processes was really time consuming, and we found compliance to be a huge challenge–as small business owners focussed on trying to grow our business, we simple weren’t experts in casual staffing, so we’d often struggle to understand what the right employment processes were.

Jane Gray, Founder

The solution

  • Cycle Blend now uses Sidekicker to hire experienced brand ambassador, event and promo staff for all of their events, functions and activations.
  • Compliance is built in, as Sidekicker takes care of all payroll, oncosts and insurances
  • Using Job Templates enables Cycle Blend to make requests for staff within seconds
  • Talent Pools allow Cycle Blend to easily re-hire their favourite Sidekicks, ensuring that they consistently work with quality staff that are aligned with their brand and requirements