When Is The Right Time To Trial An Online Staffing Solution?

3rd Jul, 2020 | Trends, Data & Insights

Trialling a new way of sourcing seasonal staff can be daunting, especially if you’ve been hiring your casuals and temps the same way for a number of years.

An online staffing solution is a cloud-based platform that empowers you to source, hire and manage hourly workers,  connecting you with a marketplace of screened and vetted talent with a few clicks–similar to how Uber allows you to find, order and pay a cab online. 

To help you discover whether an online staffing solution is right for your business, we’ve combined the most common frustrations alleviated by those who have made the switch.


1. Your staffing needs fluctuate and scaling up and down is hard, time-consuming and costly

Seasonal fluctuations (e.g. Christmas) or unplanned rises in required staff (e.g. one-off large-scale events) can cause over or under-staffing, resulting either in unnecessary wage expenses or poor delivery of goods or services.

As pressure rises for businesses to cut costs, managers are beginning to realise the time and money spent on sourcing, interviewing, and trialling staff is an unnecessary expense with an insufficient return if the staff are only needed for a short period of time.

This often leads to managers working extra hours as the trade-off isn’t feasible.

In just a few clicks, a temporary staffing platform can deploy shift requests to thousands of pre-screened skilled staff who are ready to work and have the relevant experience you require.


2. Brand representation is important for your business

When using an agency to hire short-term staff, it can be uncomfortable for some not knowing who is going to turn up on the day, or as Sean from Hotel Rottnest says “You have no idea who is turning up to your party–literally…” This can result in the supplied staff being unable to adequately represent your brand or deliver the required services. For some managers, knowing the type of skills and who they are hiring is really important to their brand.

“As our brand samplers are the face of our business, choosing the right talent is incredibly important. Being able to review profiles and ratings prior to hiring allows us to choose qualified, experienced staff with the personality and interests that align with our values.” – Kellie Duggan, Brand and Digital Marketing Manager at PERKII

If this is important to your brand, look for a temporary staffing platform that gives you access to profiles featuring detailed ratings and reviews.  This will ensure that you find the right staff with the relevant experience you need for that job.


3. You’re frustrated by admin and paperwork

Organising time sheets and payroll for tens to hundreds of short-term staff is a laborious and stressful process.

There’s no doubt that this is time that could be far better-spent training staff to provide a greater experience for your customers, building culture, or planning future growth strategies.

“To be able to hire experienced warehouse staff and reduce the paperwork around payroll and tax for our office staff will save us 20% of our annual admin costs.” – Robert Stewart, Director at Bob Stewart

Temporary staffing platforms take care of all the onboarding hassle. There is no more chasing tax declarations and super funds for staff you only need on a short-term basis, as everything is centralised and streamlined online.


4. You lack workforce visibility and insights

You have no central place available to forecast budgets, visualise spend and manage all staff across the business, especially if you managing are multiple sites, like a hotel chain with properties across the city.

Temporary staffing is an all-in-one digital platform, it’s easy to track data and gather data-driven insights into your workforce.