12 Recruitment Tools Guaranteed to Make Your Job Easier

22nd Jun, 2020 | Resources

New technology is creating ways of working that even the most efficient worker couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago.

Taking advantage of the many technological advancements in the HR and recruitment space is a guaranteed way to save time and money as a small business. The best part is, most of these products are very affordable or even free!

With 79% of people now using social media in their job hunt, businesses have had to adjust the methods used to attract staff. However, social media is just one of at least seven recruiting tools most commonly used in the hunt for new employees.

If you are a small business wanting to minimise the time spent recruiting while still attracting top talent, these latest recruiting and HR platforms are a great place to start.


Hiring Apps

Mobile hiring apps provide questions, digital assessments, and video interviews to streamline your overall hiring process. The app eliminates difficulties in synchronising schedules and provides deeper insights into what the applicants skills and values really are. The apps also provide an on-the-go platform to contact and organise the final in-person interview.

One of the top hiring apps currently available for Apple and Android phones is HireVue. HireVue was able to reduce Vodafone UK’s hiring process time from 23 days to 11. The core feature of the HireVue app is the video interview analysis which enables businesses to interpret the facial cue recognition data to determine who is the best person for the job.

SmartRecruiters, another highly regarded recruitment app, was created with options for multiple team members to place feedback on the candidate being interviewed.


Recruiting Software

Recruiting software automatically uploads your job posting to top job seeker sites, analyses job applications, and consolidates candidate information into easy to view data breakdowns, making the decision of who to move forward an easy one.

As well as finding the best applicants for the job, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) included in many systems allows you to automate responses to applicants for a better applicant experience.

Dr Glyn Brokensha is one of the pioneering software developers in Australia who has created a method of using algorithms to determine who ideal job candidates are. Expr3ss software promises to solve staff selection problems and Brokensha says in an interview for HRD Magazine that he is “certain new technologies, perhaps ideas we haven’t even dreamed of yet, will revolutionise how organisations find the right person for the job, quickly, cheaply and more accurately.”

Bullhorn promises to save 8.3 hours per week in the hiring and recruiting process with a 100% cloud-based software for tracking applicants. Producing optimal hiring results in the least amount of time, Bullhorn is a low cost software ideal for small businesses who want to grow exponentially.

Workable is another low cost software available online, with the advantage of being trusted by more than 6,000 companies around the world and having access to some of the most viewed job seeker boards on the internet.

iKrut is a free recruitment software with a large range of options, as well as the option to also upgrade to Premium or Premium+ for extra features such as a bulk application upload tool or a fully branded careers site.


Video Interview Software

In an increasingly globalised world where travel between states and countries for employment is the norm, being able to conduct a video interview opens up the possibilities of who you can recruit.

Google HangoutsSkype and Zoom are all free applications for desktop, with Google Hangouts and Skype also available as a mobile app. Easy to access and use, any of these free options are ideal for video interviews and presentations. Zoom and Google Hangouts also offer a meeting recording function and the ability to screen-share documents.


Contract Software

The final piece in the puzzle is creating legal documents for employees. Using a contract software enables you to customise the contract to your needs without having to create a binding legal document from scratch every time you hire someone. Many companies also offer customer support as part of their software for any queries you have about the templates.

At $110AUD, Proposal Kit offers a package with templates for every industry, ideal for a business with multiple roles within the company.

HR Advance is based in Australia and provides reassurance that their documents are overseen by registered Australian lawyers. They also offer a free trial for new customers and if all you need is a single document, prices begin at $99.

Concord offers a free version for their contract software which is perfect for small businesses in need of official documentation without the steep overheads. The service also includes an e-Signature feature for quicker turnarounds in the hiring process.

Consider yourself a bit of a techie and already use a few of these platforms? We’d love to hear your feedback on them or any other HR products you use. Comment away!