Sidekicker | Our Formula For Creating A High Quality Workforce

Want to know our formula to creating a high quality on-demand workforce thousands of businesses love?

Step 1. Source the best, by partnering with the best

Through partnering with educational institutions, industry associations and likeminded companies we have built strong referral channels for candidate acquisition, and are able to consistently attract and retain great talent at scale.

Step 2. Design world-class onboarding centres in every city

We host face-to-face interviews, skills testing and onboarding in every city in which we operate.

  • Resume screening: Thousands apply to become a Sidekick every month. Only 47% make it to an interview. 
  • Face-to face interviews: We hold face to face interviews in every city. Only 15% make it to Sidekick status.
  • Skills testing: From heavy lifting protocols, to 3 plate clears, we test the skill competence and confidence of our Sidekicks first-hand. 
  • Right to work certifications: Worker profiles show each Sidekick’s certifications and qualifications, including credential verification via Certsy Right To Work. 
  • Training & professional development: We host regular free training programs in each city to help our Sidekicks continuously learn, upskill and grow. 

Step 3. Introduce an industry first ratings and review system 


Sidekicker’s transparent 2-way rating and review system is unique.  

Businesses rate and review the performance of our Sidekicks once a shift is complete. This keeps Sidekicks accountable to doing a great job, and empowers businesses to hand-select the best Sidekicks.  

Any Sidekick that drops below a 4/5 star rating is also instantly removed from the platform. 

The Result?

You get to choose from a quality pool of over 11,000 Sidekicks with an average star rating of 4.8/5

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