How Sidekicker works

4 Easy Steps

Making hiring easier, faster and cheaper

1. Make a request online

Sidekicker is completely free to join–you can create and post a request in seconds without paying anything upfront.

Customise requests to specify your exact needs (such as skills and number of Sidekicks), or automate with reusable templates. Sidekicker will instantly notify all Sidekicks who best meet your requirements.

2. Select your Sidekicks

All staff on Sidekicker have been interviewed & skills tested (only 15% of applicants make it onto the platform), meaning your access to quality staff is second to none.

Sidekicker is unique in that it empowers you to select who you hire, using transparent staff profiles showing skills, experience, ratings and reviews–making hiring the right people for your business simple.

3. Pay your Sidekicks

The Sidekicker platform makes it super fast and easy to approve hours and pay your temporary staff – one click and you're done!

Sidekicker is the employer of record, which means we take care of all tax, super, on-costs and award rate compliance so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

4. Rate & review your Sidekicks

Ratings and reviews allow us to ensure a consistently great experience for both businesses and Sidekicks, and help businesses make informed choices about who they hire.

Sidekicks with low ratings lose access to the Sidekicker app, driving high reliability and performance and keeping Sidekicks accountable to doing a great job.

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