Lewis Road Creamery

Sidekicker’s promotional staff sharing the Lewis Road Creamery story

Lewis Road Creamery is on a mission to create the world’s best dairy produce right here in New Zealand. They pride themselves on producing high quality products, specialising in butter, milk and creams. We’d be remiss not to mention their famous chocolate milk: using Whittaker’s real chocolate, it creates a mouth-watering, velvety drink like no other. They claim to sell the best chocolate milk in New Zealand, and recently took home the gold medal at the New Zealand Cheese Awards with their Lightly Salted Premium Butter. With all these awards to their name, they needed some promotional staff to spread the word.


Finding last minute staff is easy with Sidekicker

Lewis Road Creamery needed staff last minute for a promotional event, so they posted a job on Sidekicker for a hostess to greet partygoers at their event. Within the hour, multiple Sidekicks had applied to fill the role – and the feedback speaks for itself:


“Zinia was fantastic. She was professional, cheerful, bubbly, and overall an incredible pleasure to work with! – Alexandra Puchala, Marketing Assistant


When it comes to staffing an event with hostesses, promotional staff, ushers or registration attendants, Sidekicker has you covered.

Find out more about Sidekicker’s community of hostesses and promotional models now or get in touch with the Sidekicker team on 0800 004 013.

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Scale up promotional staff when needed

Using Sidekicker, Lewis Road Creamery can easily post a shift and choose from hundreds of promotional staff to assist with their promotional campaigns. Sidekicker gives Lewis Road Creamery access to a huge, on-demand workforce at their fingertips.

scale up on demand

Rated and reviewed promotional staff

All promotional staff on Sidekicker have been handpicked and come with detailed, community rated profiles. View their profile, read their reviews and past job history, then make your choice. Only 25% of applicants get accepted onto the Sidekicker platform.

rated and reviewed staff

Save time and money

By having direct access to promotional, on-demand staff, Lewis Road Creamery save time and money on recruitment and can focus on their core tasks.

save time and money