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With Sidekicker, you're in full control of who you hire. You can build custom Talent Pools and manage your temp staffing however it suits you best.

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How Sidekicker works


Make a request online

It’s free and easy to request staff on Sidekicker. Simply post a job and tell us about your needs, and we’ll instantly match you with the right Sidekicks.


All sidekicks have been interviewed and skills tested. Read about our screening processes.


Select your staff

Unlike traditional temp agencies, Sidekicker’s platform lets you select your ideal staff using detailed staff profiles with ratings, reviews and job history


Our Sidekicks have an average star rating of 4.8/5, and anyone who drops below 4 is instantly removed from the platform.


Complete & pay

Sidekicker’s payment system means you never have to deal with payroll, employment admin or paper timesheeting again.


Simply pay your Sidekicks with one click on Sidekicker, and everything is taken care of.


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Frequently asked questions

How do you screen staff?

Our extensive screening process ensures that every Sidekick that arrives at your door is top-quality. Prior to joining us, all Sidekicks have to complete an online application, a phone interview, and a face-to-face interview. All Sidekicks are also skills tested and required to provide proof of qualification for certifiable skills.

How do you ensure quality & reliability?

A well as our first-class screening processes, Sidekicker works on a transparent 2-way rating system, which holds Sidekicks accountable and incentivises them to perform at every shift–the higher a Sidekick's rating, the more work they will likely be selected for. Furthermore, if a Sidekick doesn’t show up to a job, their reliability score will be impacted. Any Sidekick whose star rating falls below 4 will be instantly removed from the platform.

How do I evaluate applicants?

All Sidekicks have detailed online profiles including information such as work experience, resumes, ratings and reviews from previous shifts, number of shifts worked with Sidekicker, and skills tests taken so you can better know who you’re hiring. You’ll also receive a personalised application statement from each Sidekick who applies to work with you.

How much does hiring a Sidekick cost?

Creating an account and posting a request for staff is completely free, and you don’t pay anything until you’ve successfully hired and completed a shift. When you pay your Sidekicks with one click on the platform, Sidekicker simply charges a flat service fee of 20%.

What are ratings & how are they calculated?

Every time a shift is completed, both the hirer and the Sidekick are prompted to provide a rating and review of their experience. The rating given is out of 5, and is based on reliability, performance, attitude, quality and ability to meet the requirements of the job. Sidekicks’ overall star ratings are an average of all ratings they’ve received. Any Sidekick whose star rating falls below 4 will be instantly removed from the platform.

What are Talent Pools?

Talent Pools allow you to simply organise and manage your temporary and casual staff, grouping staff in your Sidekicker account by things like location, skillset, pay rate or department. You can easily save Sidekicks you’ve loved working with, and rehire them again and again, making assigning the right people to the right shifts simple, and empowering you to build a flexible workforce you love.

The quality of Sidekicks is so good that we now use Sidekicker for 100% of our casual staffing. Since doing so we’ve increased repeat staff per shift from 60% to 95%. Sidekicker is nothing short of miraculous.

Michael Swan, Hospitality Manager

Having access to our own Sidekicks on-demand has helped Uber grow rapidly in Australia and New Zealand while keeping our core team lean but well supported.

Simon Rossi, General Manager

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