Employee Perks

Top 10 Most Appealing Employees Perks & Benefits

Employee perks have been proven to boost company culture, increase efficiency and productivity, and positively influence retention–overall creating greater company outcomes.

Types of employee perks can include things such as, but not limited to:

  • Health insurance
  • Provided meals
  • Stock options
  • Study reimbursements
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Novelty work environments (such as a slide or meditation room)
  • Coffee machines

But with an infinite number of potential perks to implement in your workplace, how do you know what actually matters to employees?

Our partners Seek recently surveyed 4,000 New Zealanderss and 4,800 Australians on their preference of employee perks.

The survey found both New Zealanders (49%) and Australians (59%) and valued ‘Flexible work arrangements’ as the most appealing employment perk.

‘Insurance’ and ‘Professional development’ were ranked second and third by New Zealanders.

Comparatively, ‘Extra Superannuation Contributions’ and ‘Unlimited Leave’ were ranked second and third by Australians.

The below infographic outlines the top 10 most appealing perks & benefits companies can offer employees as ranked by New Zealand employees.

  1. Flexible working arrangements (49%)
  2. Insurance/finance discounts (46%)
  3. Professional development (35%)
  4. Lease car (28%)
  5. Unlimited leave (28%)
  6. Extra superannuation (27%)
  7. Health & wellness programs (18%)
  8. Free food & coffee machines (14%)
  9. Additional paid parental leave (9%)


Top 10 Most Appealing Perks & Benefits For New Zealand Employees

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