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Why use Sidekicker?

No more annoying calls or emails! Sidekicker offers a technology solution that makes it simple to connect with thousands of pre-screened staff seeking flexible work.

5 star quality

All our staff, known as Sidekicks, have been interviewed and skills tested. Our Sidekicks have an average star rating of 4.8/5 and anyone who drops below 4 is instantly removed from the platform. 

Support at every step

Get help from our local customer support teams 7 days per week. They'e living, breathing humans, here to help you every step of the way. 

Over 11,000 staff, ready to work now


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How Sidekicker Works

1. Make a request online

2. Select your staff

3. Complete & Pay

Top Rated Sidekicks

With Sidekicker, you can browse transparent staff profiles with detailed experience, ratings and reviews before choosing you who want to represent your brand.

It's Simple & Easy To Use

Sidekicker eliminates all of the admin, papework, payment and HR involved with hiring staff for short-term needs. Check out how it works!

Bike n' Blend Case Study  

Bike n’ Blend let people create their own pedal-powered smoothies, providing entertaining brand exposure at events. To effectively scale as a business, Bike n' Blend needed to attend various trade shows and events across the country. However the cost of flying a team of casual staff up and down the east coast every other week was not feasible for the company. 

The Solution Bike n' Blend turned to Sidekicker to access reliable and quality promotional and events staff in each city, saving them time and money involved with flights, accomodation and recruitment, allowing them to scale fast and effectively grow their business. 


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