An end-to-end solution for your hourly workforce

We’re reinventing the way businesses of all sizes scale and manage their hourly workforce–using technology to create unbeatable advantages.

Challenges we saw when recruiting hourly workers

There are two root problems businesses experience:

  1. Cost & time : high admin to hire and manage workers
  2. High churn: you are constantly investing resources in recruitment

Given recruiting for low-skill, easily-trained roles is high in repetitive tasks, managing this internally can be inefficient particularly for short-term needs.

That’s why we built Sidekicker…

Sidekicker offers an outsourced solution for any or all aspects of your hourly workforce–sourcing, screening, onboarding and payroll–delivering the following benefits:

Reduce speed to hire

We have a huge marketplace of pre-screened and available staff and instantly match the right opportunities to workers, reducing speed to hire from weeks to hours.

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Remove administrative burden

Get the calibre and volume of staff required, but remove time consuming and low value HR activity–allowing your team to stay focussed on business value drivers.

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Stay flexible

Ensure your business stays well supported and is able to meet requirements during demand peaks, whilst keeping your core team lean and agile.

How it works: internal v Sidekicker comparison

Serviceable labour categories

Sidekicker has a huge pool of pre-screened workers available immediately across roles like the following, but can build workforces at scale across other low-skill roles to support your requirements. 

Warehousing & logistics
  • Pickers & packers

  • Shelf stockers

  • Forklift operators

  • General labour

Business support staff
  • Phone sales

  • Customer service

  • Data entry

  • Remote admin support

Hospitality, events & promotions
  • Front & back of house
  • Manual labour
  • Event staff
  • Promotions staff

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